Create characters with odd powers

Basically was thinking one time and started thinking about people who have wacky ass powers, and as I usually do on things, I decided to look to forums and see if anyone else wanted to make ideas for this, so here we are forums.

Attempt creating a character with odd powers (that aren’t entirely useless powers, I put this in discord before I put it here and @JDFP said “everytime you blink a bird shits on someone” for a power)

The basis is that these are all people who would fight each other in competitions for money.

These are what I’ve come up with at the current moment:

Yawara Men-chēn - Metal Telekinesis

Power: Yawara is capable of causing objects made of metals to float and can even use objects such as chainsaws to cut through people. I imagine she would also use a teddy bear with metal wiring inside of it to move it around.

Character story-ish: Yawara is a 15 year old girl who comes from a poorer family. She used to use her powers to create small shows in the streets to get money for her family, but has now moved on to use it for fighting to gain more amounts of money. She uses mainly metal weapons and causes them to float to attack people from a range, but also uses things such as bits of metal shrapnel, occasionally chainsaws, and a teddy bear with metal wiring inside of it in the form a skeletal structure to move and mess around with when bored.

She is generally very ecstatic and nice, though she isn’t very fond of large groups of people.

Based on this from a song by Kairiki bear:

Noah Piyro- Firework summoning / Pyrotechnics summoning

Power: Noah is capable of summoning fireworks and other forms of pyrotechnics to attack with, and is capable of firing off many at once before having to stop.

Character story-ish: Noah is a 40 year old army veteran who is very patriotic, and is attempting to gain more money to raise for people in his town and pay his bills.

As said before, Noah is a very patriotic man, he is fun to be around when not in combat.

based on this meme (turn down your volume I don’t wanna get a warning for loud):

Nero Akuri - Manipulation Card Summoning

Power: Capable of summoning cards that are capable of manipulating people’s surroundings and brain in many ways, such as being able to manipulate gravity or cause people to do things in reverse and so on.

Character story-ish: Nero is a 19 year old girl who once was considered a “demon” by the people in where she lived once due to her powers. At the age of 13, she ran away and hid in a circus, performing magic tricks and doing shows using her powers. Eventually, she started training to use her cards for fighting people, and has now joined in the fighting competitions to get money for herself.

Nero is not very outgoing and usually likes keeping to herself.

Based on this from a song by Kairiki Bear:

(I am very boreded)

you can’t tell me that Noah doesn’t contain half the universe’s 20 rolls


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but actual idea here:

give me a name lol - Music makes magic idk

basically they’re a popstar who has this power where their powers are based around whatever music they’re hearing, either based around the tempo of the song or more specifically the actual song and themes with it, usually resulting in fire n shit.


some weird robot/cloud person hybrid thing. Basically, they’re really really light, and can also reach a negative weight, which lets them run at infinite speeds :D
their only goals in life is to run as fast as they can, and eventually go blinking across the universe to see it all. their powers also include electric shit via building up static shock + they are a robot, beep boop

based off my Forums Calamity Mod Character, W.W Kid, but more monochrome white
the balloon is tied forcibly to their arm by friends so they do not “follow their dreams” and then smash into a wall at mach 3 and need to be rebuilt
W.W Kid Terraria


the way I imagine him is that he speaks sorta like duke nukem and shit

got an idea for a character that isn’t a fighter, but is actually the host

Koriken the Immortal - healing and immortality

Koriken is the host of the competitions, putting money on the line between two people fighting each other, as well as healing them of any injuries afterward. Her powers also work on herself, making her essentially immortal, which is how she gained her title.

Not much is known about her, as she is mostly silent, but she seems eager to watch these fights take place and eager to help people afterward.

I have this idea and i’m thinking about replacing my sand file with it…

Artis Greenthorne

Basically a being formed from a pure magenta energy with an unknown nomenclature, as such he inherits the power to summon or wield anything he desires in combat, as long as he knows how to use it. A being of great power, but the responsibility to learn how it works.

In game, he would use mystic ice or snow magic.
here’s art i made of him.

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considering turning this into a trello I add people’s things to for the funny (and better sorting)

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(my brain is stuck on spider-man help)

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Venting Power

Cain Adeyemo
Ability: Great King Rat(Condition Ability)

Cain is… well, really small. When he sees someone walking down the street that’s taller than him, he gets really jealous and wishes he could cut down to size.

One day, he saw a guy that was:
Stronger than him.
Taller than him.
And definitely better than him.

Cain got so sour, so bitter that he said out loud:
“I’ll cut you down a notch!”
And to his surprise, the man shrunk to the exact size that Cain was(3 and a half feet tall), and his muscles shrunk too.

Detailed description:
The conditions for Great King Rat to activate have to be met before it will work.

  1. The enemy must be bigger than the user, at least twice the users size.(this ability would not work for a normal person)
  2. The enemy must be more powerful/better than the user.(Stronger, faster, etc)
  3. The user must say: “I’ll cut you down a notch!”, for the ability to activate. The other 2 conditions must be met for it to work.

What will happen upon activation:
First, the enemies size will divide by the users size. If the enemy is still bigger than the user, they will be divided again until they are smaller. This also goes into the second ability:

Then, the enemies power will shrink to their size as well. The more their size gets divided, the weaker they will be.

The user will also gain 1/3 of the enemies power, however they will not get taller.

whoops huge text wall ;-;

Forgot to mention this, but Artis’s creation was scuffed so he isn’t able to talk directly (he’s a mute, basically), but he can speak in though the mind with psychic abilities (as creation is basically a psychic form of solid matter)

That symbol looks familiar :thinking::thinking:

Alright where’d you get it from



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