Create Your Magic!

World of Magic has a lot of magic that is currently added and planned. But what if you had the ability to create your own magic? I’d like to see the community’s creativity! (Btw this is something that’s purely for fun. I don’t intend for vetex to add any of them lol)


I would add a copy magic that lets you mimic the magic of others and their abilities and anti magic like how asta has in black clover


apology for bad english

were where u wen i make magik

i was at house eating dorito wen fone ring

“what magik u want”



plant magic, because fuck wood


Plant magic :sunflower:


Creation magic, where you can recreate literally anything that you can think of and you have the materials to make it as well (doesn’t matter how much material you have as long as you have it).

Time magic :stopwatch:

Time magic is basically already planned

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If I had to make a magic I’d want shadow magic but shadow is amplified by 1000x

shadow magic except its actually shadows and not a reskin of light magic :flushed:


Honestly shadow is just stronger but slower light magic if it had a black variation :pensive:
It was more unique in AA but in WoM I’m pretty accurate

Blacklight when

Shadow magic 2.0, or is that darkness :thinking:

just call it depression magic


So basically the absorption curse but you just copy their magic and don’t actually steal it?

that’s just tier 2 with extra steps

Blood magic, you basically just start drawing from your enemy’s blood and turn it into fuel to destroy them!

Plant Magic absolutely–there is an actual potential with this. Stun with vines/allergies, healing
Food Magic might sound broken with the hunger system but it’s a cool idea to me

It goes down hill from here

Melee Orientated Magic a buffing magic
Sped Magic buffing magic as well, my inspiration was Flash
Insect Magic Lotus swarm, DOT attacks with some venomous insects

In response to prodigy’s idea of creation magic, you won’t be able to create anything you think of because that would be a lot to put into just one magic. Creation/destruction is also a big thing to have–the players aren’t gods.

But I do like the idea of that magic. Maybe when clashing it can transform the magic into something else or mutate it.


Plant magic seems really cool. Awakened plant magic users could regen hunger passively in sunlight or something

Dream Magic

:sleeping: :sleeping_bed:t5:

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