Creating universal characters

how about…

on top of the crystal user, another being who could manipulate the very concept of crystals itself?

When the sandal changes his favorite magic for the 10192945th time! :flushed:

when the the when the when when the when :flushed: :sweat_smile: :cold_face: !!1!!11!

w h a t

dunno dude crystallizing the idea of time itself already seems pretty wack

good point

but what is a crystal :thinking:


a piece of a homogeneous solid substance having a natural geometrically regular form with symmetrically arranged plane faces.

“a quartz crystal”

And if they could manipulate just the concept of crystals, they could also arguably manipulate anything in just the likeness of a crystal, meaning it’s possible for them to manipulate solid objects of various colors alongside transparent objects as well.

ice is technically a crystal now that I think about it, so a crystal user of such power would basically do cryonicals job too :cold_face:

I mean the canon Earth Curse user got his ass beat by Durza so make that as you will

earth just didn’t have enough drip sadly :pensive:

crystal doesn’t have that problem though.

Eh I’d say you can make it work

Most likey planetary to multi continental. Universal is just not in the reach of a earth curse users power.

Then flash gets stomped too
They’re pretty close in speed

This isn’t an attack. this is a black hole.

crystalize the universe :star_struck:

Kinda sad only other pikmin(3) players will get this

drippy :cold_face:

rock pikmin best pikmin

maybe if I was the earth curse user I could beat durza

then again crystal looks dripper as of right now sooo…

earth can get universal

maybe like you can be medusa and turn things into stone

or create massive stones to annihilate the universe via crushing

or idk more wacky shit like embed stones with properties that make them more deadly

I could beat durza earth curse ez

just use the best color: