Crystal is busted

I hate this magic with a burning passion.

Crystal is such a broken magic, as it literally goes well with any magic hybrid class, and even full mage. It has does 25% more dmg on bleeding targets (previously 40%), on top of that, the extra damage you gain from literally attacking the target 4 times.

If a mage decides to run full power crystal, they just spam pulsar and proc extra dmg on you, and if they hit you with a bleed, you take more damage, and not to mention its already insane dmg.

Despite this rant I am going crystal warlock cause I have yet to go a strength class (yes im smoking mad cope)

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it was tired of being called useless in WoM…

this is crystal magic’s revenge arc…


10%, trello is outdated

Bruh they made it 10% now the hell

They thought 25% was op

Wait so did ice get nerfed too cause it had a 40% dmg increase with bleed

20% now

Oh nah :skull:

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did you not know every combination got nerfed into the fucking ground
it’s now only up to 10% (if the status stays) or 20% (if the status is removed on hit)

I only knew of a much less severe nerf

Ok but you cant convince me doing 50% more damage every 4th hit aint broken

but it’s funny tho so it’s chill

Wait so sailor fist snow or iron leg crystal

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this is wrong all the synergies were nerfed except crystallized which still does 35% according to Fluect

he said it wasn’t nerfed cause it’s not technically a synergy and its also not free damage like the other synergies

nope not for crystallized

It really isn’t broken.

If you want an element to complain about look at Earth or Metal. Or even Magma for that matter.

I have said the same thing to 20+ people now.
Keep preaching, enlightened.

Metal only works with mage (earth falls under this category too). Also I have changed my thoughts about it, I still believe it is one of the better magics out there.