Crystal magic visuals

I know solid magics in general have gotten improved visuals but have we seen any revamped visuals for crystal variations? I’ve looked through some of the few collections of leaks and didn’t find any.

No public crystal leaks unfortunately

private me crystal leaks

No, but i’ll private you dee-


dee-p explanations on the details?


Yeah, that’s definitely what I meant


Can you at least tell us on a scale of 1-10 how much better it looks than WoM’s version?


I don’t even remember what it looks like :skull::+1:

come on finish the joke

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increased fov the sky turns purple, * summons shrek cause why not *

no lol!

I’ll do it for you if I have to

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you cant copy my thing and expect me to feel sad

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this isn’t related but I love how this is like the roblox deforum except with a more understanding and funnier community… as well as I can ACTUALLY talk here instead of roblox just blanking out on me when I try to sign in even though I have 25 hours of read time… I’ve been counting.

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It’s confirmed, Crystal Magic literally has no appearance and is completely invisible. :mariomug:


What! :scream::scream::scream::scream::fearful::fearful::disappointed:

No balls move

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oh my sweet sweet innocent summer child

please stay safe

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