Daily Prompt: Money (The case of the missing money...) ArcaneApril2021

I wanted to do an art for one of the daily ArcaneApril2021 prompts so here it is…

Oh how money seems to evaporate… :thinking: Tobi and Melody better watch out or all their funds will be done!

Fanart of characters’ Melody and Tobi from @Tobi 's upcoming comic Creation and Chaos :slight_smile:

Enjoy :DD


So many uncooked nuggets

Nugget got a family on like one week after it appear on the comic thing

I knooow so many nuggets Imma act up

The do be making more nuggets. We can never have enough nuggets :sleeper:

You can’t have enough nuggets.

Bring me nuggets

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Do rat nuggets taste good?

the are very crunchy

Why you must need to buy clothes?

To not get caught lackin, im watching the drip

they needa keep up with the drip inspector thats why X’'D


ratat toing

Kwispy is highly considering doing this style for Creation and Chaos. :flushed:


Gimme these nuggets if u don’t want them sir

nugget ptsd


Those chickens are so cute