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off topic but i wish all yanfei and zhongli wanters a very C6

I’m sure you said that because you saw me here. Anyways, thank you. I really need Yanfei, she’s just too adorable imo, though her JP voice doesn’t really fit with what I said. And Zhongli would be a massive plus.

After that I’m saving for Ganyu rerun. It appears I have some sort of ‘‘attraction’’ towards getting half-adeptus ladies. Completely unrelated, but anyway. No this does not mean I have a crush for fictional characters but they’re my favourites so far.

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Genshin Impact, I think. It’s some anime-styled fighting game, I don’t play it.

I accidentally used a discord alt the first time I tried to sign up - #13 by SmokyScarlet maybe this

isnt ganyu the only half adeptus??? she’s got a fat ass i can’t really blame you

i’m gonna get zhongli to come home and then i’m waiting for the klee rerun. I love the idea of a child bomb maniac

bro don’t

save up for kazuha

anemo man

also adeptus ladies? no
i may have pulled amos’ bow but i refuse to prepare for ganyu, amber supremacy

okay the anemo polearm is cool but the most badass polearm will forever be zhongli cmon

no dude

and he’s not polearm either

two handed sword user, sword supremacy

oh whoops that’s someone else i am so sorry, i have bennet

i am so tired

no not claymore

sword sword

i feel you man

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that’s true if you’re building traveler/ningguang for geo resonance or support
his numbers are still low though so it’s not a plus in that case, but it’s a help
hu tao is better as a main dps

where’s the ass tho?
went scouring around the internet and I found no ass.
she ain’t flat but that shit ain’t fat either :pensive:

i got you dude

shit’s so thick it’s insane


bro :skull:
they added that shit to the fucking LORE?

also i stand corrected, that ass is fat
am i really gonna download genshin just because of this one image?


“during the archon war she didn’t have a vision so she used her fat fucking ass instead”

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they actually fucking did