Dark Wizard

The clashing of magic, the cries of men. How did I get here?

I am a very irritable man. Many have called me aggressive, some have even called me ‘evil’. I must say however, I am not simply evil. The worst people have all had their reasons, their motives. I share a common motive with most Dark Wizards, in fact, I have more than one. A slurry of boredom, hatred, and irritation. I believe I can only start it at the beginning of sorts. I was 23 when I acquired my magic. It was a magic that suited me, being Fire. I say this because I have always been very hot-headed, and often quarreled with my peers. The first incident happened when I was 25. At this point, I was a regular at the Silent Tower for my petty crimes and several accidents. I began to resent authority as they simply brought me in to extort me for crowns. Eventually, I graduated from petty crime to robbery, and that is when it happened. I was robbing some Salore when a group of Magic Council Soldiers appeared from the woods. They began to attack, so I defended myself. That day I ended up murdering 12 MC Soldiers in the span of 2 hours. That is when I began to murder.

Now, it is 2 years later. I was doing yet another robbery today when yet another squad of MC Soldiers appeared. This time however, it was different. They were stronger, harder to kill. That’s when I realized… There was an MC Captain with them.

Of course, I began to panic. I have never defeated someone so powerful before. It seemed hopeless until then, I heard a sizzle. I had hit and mortally wounded the captain. I rejoiced, but only for a moment, as the blows began to crash down upon me. I had let my guard down and was immediately struck with several blasts of magic. Now, I began to get my guard back up once again, so I would not die. I was doing very well in the fight until I heard a loud crash.
I immediately tried to retreat, but that is when their attacks finally caught up and hit their mark.

In a rage, I dispatched several of my current attackers with a hail of flame. I began to rush away once more, and now we’re finally caught up to the present.

I continued flinging fireballs at my opponents, but they dodged and continued their onslaught. As I finally spent my magic energy, I tried to fling a dagger at them. I failed, instead of having struck a person, I had struck a tree. Of course, without a weapon, my only option is to run. So I attempt to do that. That is when the final blow struck me in the back of the head.

I barrel down the cliff that I have been fighting on, falling onto a cliffside. My blood was cascading out of my multiple gashes at this point. I can only look at the sunrise, and have one final thought.

I am a Dark Wizard.

how did i doodly do im really trash at writing so i think this is… ok?


This is good really good but uh

Everyone forgets dialogue in short stories.

Everything else was perfect tho.

it was meant to be in a clouded first person thoughts only thing

he did what