Darkflame or Inferno

I need this answered, which one is cooler, these are the top two of my last post about this.

  • Darkflame
  • Inferno

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Darkflame too edgy of a name. Idk too much about the magic itself though.

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darkflame is ezia tier cringe and inferno is pretty cool

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Darkflame: A fire that burns through shadows.

isn’t that what most fire does-

but fire still casts shadows. darkflame does not. shadows can’t exist in its presence as they are sucked into it. (or that’s what I like to imagine)


the reason darkflame is dark is because it captures nearby shadows and adds them to itself. One who owns the magic does not have a shadow.

Darkflame has a more interesting effect. But inferno is pure power and that has its merits.


inferno winning

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inferno winnin

Inferno is cool but darkflame sounds badass so i gotta go with that :person_shrugging:


A respectable opinion.

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This is true

inferno is probably hotter, so i gotta vote darkflame

Inferno is just normal fire on steroids. Darkflame is edgy.

darkflame is the opposite of edgy because it eliminates shadows.

Wait so anything dark is edgy?

As long as it’s not death or darkness, it ain’t edgy