Darkflame or Inferno

isn’t blaze lightning tho

its fire in the form of bolts

Wish there was just red fire

isn’t it lightning in the form of fire

yeah it is i misremembered

still id consider it both fire and lightning


Lmao i swear the same thing happened to me

hear me out there should be a purple fire magic

(and no flare isn’t purple it’s probably red/yellow/orangish)

Lemme put this in GIMP rq i gotchu hold on like 15 minutes


okay the first one can be a bit more blue-ish

plasma looks cool

that looks nothing like what I’m talking about :skull:
like this:
download (2)

the explosion is decent I guess

the wood needs some orange cracks on it or something, maybe an orange glow, kinda like charred paper, to represent how it’s maybe freshly burned?

also try these:

-bismuth metal

-orange light

-dark green poison

-green plasma

-brownish ice (muddy ice)

-rusted metal

Yeah sure

Ight ill try that hue

Not much i can do about it without paying for more colorize tools sadly :pensive:

I’m just a recolourer, sadly doing that stuff is WAY out of my scope of practice, better off asking an artist

( Yes i did crystal because metal would be literally impossible without spending tons of time recolouring each segment)

Already did



(Yes ik it’s shit but best i can really do as a recolourer

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also making charred wood isn’t as hard as i thought but this is most will do for now since I’m tired :yawning_face:

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that poison looks fucking awesome.

actually, some kind of dark black poison with an ominous green hue would be epic looking, totally would use that

“chemical” or “corrosive” would be the name

fart magic :scream:

no the magic is literally a black gas with greenish glow

kinda maybe can have a fart joke but overall it just looks more plague like

Idk man kinda just sounds like fart magic

the unenlightened masses :pensive:

Purple is a color variant. It is usually orange and pink.

Fire - Red and orange
Sun - Yellow and orange
Flare - Orange and pink or purple and blue
Magma - Red and black (I think?)
Plasma - Purple or red
Phoenix - Blue and yellow or orange and white
Aethereal Flame - Yellow and white
Scorch - Lime green
Darkflame - Black and purple or black and red
Inferno - Blue or purple
Promethean Flame - White (turns the color of the other Grand Fire magics when using them)

wtf are magma and plasma doing here