Darkness really has no purpose as a lost magic

so going over the trello i went over the lost magics card and i just though about how lame darkness is. you can give it whatever stats you want but based off the description it is literally just black magic thats it no special effects no extra passives nothing just black magic. and i actually do find alot of the lost magics up there on the list to be there just for the sole purpose of being there.
i really wish vetex would give us some clarity on why some of these magics are here and whats their a lost magic for.

(diamond, darkness, aether,)

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Pretty sure Betex said that it’d have the withering status effect from AA


The lost magic trello card is literally just a bunch of ideas. Do you really expect vetex to write a whole paragraph over some magic that wont even exist for probably atleast 2 years? The descriptions on the trello are also easily editable.

I swear you keep complaining about the littlest features that havent been added yet nor wont be added for atleast a while. Please go and touch some grass


not really



its dark

It’s one line of text about a feature that won’t be in the game for years, what are you expecting

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Dear fucking christ WHY DO YOU CARE?
It’s not coming out till 2025 why the fuck do you care about something you
Haven’t seen
Don’t know how it works
Likely won’t even see for half a decade.

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I understand where you’re coming from, but I made a similar post as a rant to lost/ancient magics and vetex told me that these are just concepts that most likely will be reworked/removed before they ever get into the game, also these are long term concepts that will probably never be added for the foreseeable future.

I think @Nuclearman7 basically said the same thing I did though so I’m kinda repeating his point with my own experience lmao.

Your point was

But it does have special effects and it says in the description that it’s not plain black either.

Also you’re making a lot of assumptions based off an 8 word description. Flare never mentioned DoT stack in its description yet it has some (although I don’t believe Darkness will have much more going for it mechanically than the already mentioned Withering status effect).

wowow finally

really just gave them a cold bottle of reality



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i like south better now

happy to hear that

I thought you weren’t happy to hear that?

something more then just withering(i played aa) that we dont knnow about sounds cool

When a forumer makes a Game Discussion topic based on aspects of the game without thinking:

But Fluect said they don’t believe it will, unless you were quoted the wrong part