Dawn of the Second Day (4 Days Remain). Favorite memory from the forums?

Off topic presidential elections

put this in off topic cause it doesnt deal with ao and just the community

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i haven’t been here long so i’d say sandal’s birthday

its either this, or ganging up on nekosaikou for the AUDACITY to post exiled x minotaur


surprisingly, the whole neko minoexiled drama

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either that, vibe room, or that one incident where sand tried “asking neko out” or smthn

what? spill tea now


i feel so bad for sand…


cryonicals sanity crumbling when he has to clear out reminders for ao

I’m not sure, everything has been a fun mess. Maybe the elections as well? Someone took over and they are still in a position of power

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i am designing clan logos for fun for me (my clan got disbanded and i probably wont make my own because of game dev and storytelling stuff)

Cant name off the top of my head but when Maple made everyone Halloween profile pics that was pretty cool.It was neat seeing everyone’s profile pic but in a spookier version.

I’m sort of new and really only started being active two months ago, but I’ll probably say div’s sunken riddle

probably tobi’s magic circle hub, all the circles are just really cool

Maybe the real memories we made on the forums were the friends we met along the way



When I made and finished my first stories, and learned people actually like to read them.

The time of suggestions being open, it was great pretending like my opinion meant anything

Open letter to Vetex