Dead forum theory (everyone's an alt)

biologlol was definitely an alt

Nah i dont see why he would have made an alt to adress all the stuff he did if it was just another rb1

He’s on to us

Yeah I’m the alt of like 4 different people they all collectively use my account

hi rb1

ooga booga

Okay, @EmperorSalore , this was a fun conversation. But if I’m going to break out every single one of my alts for this (which is everyone who’s replied), then you gotta say something too.

Yes, this forum is mostly alts, I admit. The reason is simple—by having what appears to be “intellectual conversation” between “multiple users”, I can rise to the top of the forums and eventually start bargaining with Vetex himself for changes in the game.

To accomplish this feat, I’ve had to perform brain surgery on myself to split my personalities. This allows me to accurately mimic other people to make my alts seem more genuine. I also had to learn about seven different art styles and had to “develop” them over time to appear as if several of the forum’s artists were all growing simultaneously—despite the fact that most art was done by me.

I request that you close this topic down. Otherwise I will use all one-hundred and twenty-three of my alts to remove you from the forum. I cannot allow Vetex to know of my plan. Hence why I have used several of my admin alts to hide this topic from him.

rb1 caught

yea i think this joke theory has gone too far…

Pyro is a Cryo alt.

hows it going rb1

i am an alt there’s proof guys :pray: