Deepwoken character graveyard

Death No.1: River Ureshi

He truly left us too soon. Didn’t even last 2 hours. :frcryin:
Cause of death: Some dude attacked me and I didn’t feel like fighting back so I jumped off of the map and fell to my death. Next live, I fell to the soldiers just at the entrance of Lower Erisia. There were like 6 of them and I tried to fight back but I couldn’t take them all at once, and as soon as I would knock one out another would get back up. I gave up and ran to a boat to try and escape, but as soon as it started to sail away, I bled out and couldn’t take control. Sinking into the depths, I died in like 45 seconds to the jellyfish things. Uhh I think you need a campfire to check player stats and I only have 1 stick so rip that idea

i love knwing that the only characters i care about are the vergil ven line
theres vergil ven the 1st, the originator he died by disconnecting on duke erisia and died in the trial
vergil ven the 2nd idk what he did
and then vergil ven line goes to the 6th the latest succesor that has succesfully passed power 30

wait did you just choose the same name 7 times lol

thats why theres vergil ven the 1st the succesor and vergil ven the 6th

(last known picture of vergil ven the 1st)

theres a campfire in fragments of self

there’s a tent with a campfire near spawn. You can unequip armor and stuff there to pass on to the next character

oh shit never noticed

oh :pensive:

And thats how i lost my 1 star rosen ring

I got felinor :skull:

Couldn’t be me. (I totally did not get my 40 dmg speed demon dagger build wiped that had 300 hours on it💀)

There’s one in the Fragments of Self, go back behind the tent where you spawn

already wiped unfortunately

are you like, stuck with the race you start as until you reroll?


Gotta live with two celtors, one khan, one felinor :cold_face:

Total deaths:
1: Gabriel Ytreshi
Totally flopped. I had no idea what I was doing, after all I just bought the game. I didn’t even watch any indepth videos of Deepwoken, in fact the only video I watched was Thunder Rapier something-something. However, I chose a Sword instead of a rapier.
By the way, for the first 2 files, I had no idea how to get flint.
1st: Death through falling off Ertisa’s cliff.
2nd: Death by mudskippers, bandits, and a sharko.
3rd: Death by falling into the Depths.
Last words: “what the heck is happening??”

2: Gabriel Etreshi(?)
This file kind of sucked too.
Death by random Power 60 ganker.
Death by some ganker who thought I was “Nano”.
Death by Nautilodaunt.

3: Rowan Leshi
Rest in peace Rowan. On this file I actually DID something. Managed to make a campfire, learned how to cook, and even made it to power 3! However… I was too cocky.
Death by Bandit Leader
Death by Bandit Leader
Level up to Power 4
Death by 12 Bandits
Death by depression in the Depths.
I really liked that file. He had a whole ton of stuff going, and I had to lose it all. However, I learned you can “pass” items down to your successor in the last section of the depths, so I gave my successor some armor to sell.

4: Gabriel Ytreshi
Hardened by many deaths, I knew what I had to do. Instead of pouring my heart out, I ACTUALLY WATCHED A DEEPWOKEN GUIDE(on how to kill bandits, multiple bandits, and bandit leaders), and then I watched 2 PVP guides. The first one was kinda just basic stuff I already knew, but the second one just opened my eyes to a new world.
So this is the start of my “burner file”. First, I created him. Then, I spawned at Isle of Vigil and started abusing the instructor.
I managed to beat him 2 times in a row, get my ahh beat again, and I started actually winning some fights, or almost winning them before losing.
My goal is to beat the Instructor 10 times in a row. Since the Instructor is equal to a bandit leader, if I can learn to beat him, I can defeat a bandit leader.

Then, I’ll try and learn how to fight monsters.

sword galebreather

I’m still struggling with the instructor. I think i’ve beat him a couple times, but i’m not actually sure when I’ve won or not.


also i chose the ice mantra, not knowing it’s permanent, is it decent? :frcryin: