Defense is dead

first regen nerf then
it’s joever defense bros

my 700 defense 110 power build is not in fact eating good tonight
except for the agility scaling with levels, balance team cooked with that one fr

my 1800+ health AOE Warlord and Paladin are gonna crumble in this update :melting_face:

defense is dead, armor piercing is full, power is fuel

i never understood the point of this stat
its just a situational, probably multiplier based, power


the stat sounds alright as a concept ngl it’s just…
defense regen is being completely gutted in the same patch

come on man one defense nerf per patch :sob:
its not even that op

It’s Over (I don’t actually care but I’m trying to say something that will contribute to the “conversation” in a way that is socially applicable to the consensus.)

we can’t let glass cannons win!!!

They will be running corny ass drawback power and piercing builds. It’s joever for us

now there’s a “forbidden zone” for HP
(like with running in cold weather)

i wonder how 1.6k HP will put up with this…

it either does nothing or it removes blocking from the game lol.

it’s mostly just a counter to really high defence investment, I really don’t get why people are crying about it so much defence is the most oppressive stat to build making

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yeah but why does it need a situational counter
if defense is that good then nerf how much you can get, if power is too weak to fight defense then buff it. whats the point of an armor breaking stat if it all it does is make defense irrelevant if your opponent has a ton and nothing if he doesnt have much

now if it was really focused on attacking players who spam block, yeah its more interesting. it adds something instead of being, again, a situational power stat. right now that just seems like a side note tho

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because the balance team is too scared to globally nerf defence and power as needed

I’ve always held the view that you should be getting far less of both

okay then I guess attack size and power and attack speed builds are meta now

Noob293192312: “Can I test?”
RandomPlayer2490: “Sure.”
RandomPlayer2490 pulls out 10k HP 0 other stats build.
Noob293192312: “Ultimate Art: -”
RandomPlayer2490: “Wait your not running pie-”
Noob293192312: “-Light Drill”

RandomPlayer2490 was killed by Noob293192312

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:sob: bro now I cant be tanky. Its either im glass cannon and take less damage from armor piercing but more from normal power or im tanky and tank high power hits but get 1 shot by armor piercing

my 1.7k defense build will succumb to the armor piercing

i don’t understamd