Delete this lol

dunno if this is done before but lets have a little fun

Post your character (optional) and their theme songs. You can toss in a bit of lore too if u want

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this is really good thanks for the banger

fuck it persoba imo is the only way to describe them

Main Cast

Abdallah: Persona 3 ost - The Battle for Everyone's Souls [Extended] - YouTube

Ace: [Persona 4 OST] 45 - Long Way - YouTube

Zion: Daredevil - YouTube

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aw man whatd i do

ohhhh didnt know it was done before lol. Didn’t linger around the forums that much my bad

My fire conjurer, who in is fire at music.

My Navy plasma Warlock

I made something called mode themes, like those transformation themes in anime or something.

Fire conjurer again lolz!

Navy Plasma Warlock gr

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so uhhh yeah like 6 of them already existed

mb homie i just joined

The fuck happened to this thread?

its been done six times before lol

I can close it if you’d like

yes please, thanks

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