Character theme songs

Can you think of a theme song for one of your Arcane Odyssey files? It could describe their personality, appearance, playstyle, whatever.

This was inspired by the Jujutsu Kaisen character themes yes


Here’s for one of my own characters.


Spotify song is Ruins by Toby Fox for those who are too lazy or don’t use Spotify

By far my oldest file. The song has a bit of a playful feeling to it, which kind of fits the character sometimes, but not at first.


wasn’t there already one of these

I have no clue. I haven’t seen one around. I can’t claim this idea as my own but I did come up with it myself :skull:

I’m on mobile so I didn’t see the similar topics thing

ok, i guess i’ll make a remaster

This seems interesting, here’s the song that fits my MC Ruby MAXiminius
Here’s a picture of them:

The chasm

Even tho i dont play genshin, this fansong rlly suits my character. It has a mysterious vibe to it with spaced out, but beautiful notes. With eerie tunes that could make ppl feel lost…



Akos Frost:
Udi Harpaz - Roman Empire

Dulzura Winters:
Homestuck - Dance of Thorns

Icarus Fallenfire:
Epic Score - Suicide Mission

Takeshi Light:
Couldn’t find the original creator for this one

Felix Mist:
Toby Fox - Battle Against A True Hero

Rune Phoenix:
I honestly don’t know for this character.


Aaron Zephyr - Don’t Stop the Party from Hypnosis Microphone
Toshiko Otori - Cinderella the Thief by Madoka Kurosawa
George West - Half from MILGRAM

Idk how do I explain it for Aaron’s case but, if you check out the translated lyrics it’s ironic to their character


I quit Genshin a while ago (proud of my recovery) but I can agree the Chasm theme song was very good. Kinda sad that such a cool map had so little objectives and actual things to come back for.

@DubiousLittleTyp0 do this now

so uh… we just grab random songs and use them as character themes…? interesting.

Sebastian Banks… either of these will work:

Screenshot 2023-05-14 230801

Screenshot 2023-05-20 195636

what is bro cooking

Vega anchor:

It really fits his adventurous demeanor, while he looks a little intimidating or weird at first he’s really a friendly guy.

Corrina anchor:

I’d say rito village fits her the most. It feels lightweight like she (literally) is, it’s energetic and extremely calm sounding. The only thing it doesn’t really cover is her shyness but the other things check out.

me when i can’t name my files after one of my ocs

anyways Yazzalo’s when he goes avenging livid: Yazzalo’s Rampage

Pyrei when – erm, spoilers: Pyrei’s Hunt

Zanzo Feer: Zanzo Feer’s Frozen Fury

Dawn Cinders: The Dawn Will Come - Dragon Age: Inquisition

Taneka Kamisato: Kamado Tanjiro no Uta - Demon Slayer

Rai Terra: Invading the Earth Palace - Avatar: The Last Airbender

Augustus Fallenfire: Siege of Adamant - Dragon Age: Inquisition

Ares Stratos: “God of War” - God of War

Minerva Moonsilver: Orlais Theme - Dragon Age: Inquisition

Mai Gates: Fourth Hokage - Naruto Shippuden

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this already exists…

Sol Lamina:

Based off being directional challenged, this will be the theme playing when, I’m in the dark sea.

In general just a goofy character lol

Abigail Anchor:

My Berserker file, pretty much sums up her character.


The depressing sad oc

Michael Fish, First File (i regret naming like that):

The Death Of God's Will (Full Mix + Voice Lines) - YouTube
Undertale - Dummy! - Remix - YouTube

Bob Booth, Vice Captain:

01 Entering the Stronghold Stick Wars soundtrack YouTube - YouTube
Raft Wars 2 OST - Battle Theme EXTENDED - YouTube

Reed Cole, Idiot:

Vetex - YouTube
Demons - YouTube


Arman Strong:

It Has To Be This Way - YouTube

Rick Canter:

Imagine Dragons - Bones (Official Audio) - YouTube

Aldric Fallenfire:

Binah battle 3 - YouTube

Chantay Horn:"

Expurgation (Skymix Remaster) - YouTube

Johnathan Star:

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Phantom Blood Ost 23 [Yuuki Rendan] - YouTube

too lazy to get sceenshots of them so just guess how they look

I am late to this, but I’ve had this in my mind for a while
Artemis Morgan:

Theme(s)[I really could not settle on one]

The backstory:The origin of Artemis Morgan

Aaron Fallenfire:


Backstory: Burning Tide

Magna Burns, captain of The Scorching Pirates