Describe the person above you from memory

I’m bored so we might as well start another one of these threads


oh hey, you were that teaser that had all of the artists drawing horny

I remember you being smart


cool writer dude with cool noncanon lightning recolor

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Cool programmer dude

when the fuck did you remember that?

you’re just the guy with the fox pfp
that’s all i know you for

heh, fair

no one described me :fr:

Oh yeah now I remember
you were the guy who made crimson storm

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You’re an Asshole and a Prick.

I like you.


the fuck do you mean :fr:
I literally just complimented you

cool writer man

also made me do free drawing labour :frcryin:

skill issue :ez:

the guy that put krismas hats on everyone

yeah and you’re that one guy who constantly masquerades as vetex’s characters
surely you have better things to do

I mean, I dont just rename myself as vetex’s characters

I remember being shrek for like a day

Ohhh, you were that Modem guy or whatever who made that fat fishe head-cannon picture.

doktor hoo