The Odyssey Feed ~ Issue #6

`The Odyssey Feed
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Date: 2/21/2021


Trello News

Progress, progress! The development of Arcane Odyssey continues into our 6th issue! (I doubt it will stop anytime soon :frhigh:). Not much happens early this week as Vetex continues to revamp. He does fix some bugs however, with things like poison clouds and explosion magic.

(Pic of that here)

Looks like we’re not gonna have those giant clouds for a while longer…

But ignore that, we’ve got more important things. Remember when I said Vetex would be showing off the new revamped magics more? Well, that happened! We even get to see more of Redwake, plus what some more magics look like, being lightning, shadow, light, and wind.

Each magic is looking incredible, and we’ll likely be seeing even more this week! I also didn’t realize how huge Redwake is… :frhigh: This game is going to be incredible. I love the way lightning looks, most of all, being much more realistic… Here are some of the pictures/videos taken from Vetex’s twitter! :nod:

There’s the link to the thread. Now to the images.

Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 12.36.25 PM

Here’s wind. It’s an explosion attack, but i’m unsure if it’s pillar explosion or shockwave. I’m assuming pillar, though. :thinking: Looks like a tornado, so that’s cool.

Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 12.37.51 PM

Shadow shockwave self-placed explosion, most likely. Sorry for the bad quality again. ;-; This makes me think what other Shadow attacks will look like, since it’s my main magic.

Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 12.38.16 PM

Here’s light beam. I love the way it pulsates and creates tiny explosions of light within it’s beam. Going to look sick.

Screenshot 2021-02-16 at 12.38.46 PM

Last but not least, lightning charge. It looks incredibly realistic, and like a real explosion of charge. Loving every bit of it! :nod:

If you want better quality, head over to Vetex’s twitter (from the link above) in which the videos will be higher quality for you. Then you can really see what these magics look like in their higher pixel number glory (Someone please tell me how to embed videos without using weird programs :frcryin:)

But now… Vetex has actually finished revamping EVERY magic in the game. Finally, we can move on. Hopefully more sneak peeks in the future! :eyes:

Now we have some more exciting news than seeing the new magics (Though that’s super exciting!) With the end of the magic revamp, comes the start of further update progress. Here’s a screenshot showing a brand new revamped Generations system, as well as a few badges.

Screenshot 2021-02-18 at 12.51.03 PM

This could change how we look at generations. Also, lots of people gonna be gen 3 now. Everyone reading this as it comes out will be Generation 2, which sounds pretty cool. Also more scars added. :nod:

Also, every generation 2 file (Files that played World of Magic) will be able to rechoose their magic upon playing Arcane Odyssey! I didn’t see this on the trello at first, but I saw this on a topic by @Archer. Thanks for that! This ability to change magics will be helpful, either if you want to change anyways, or maybe because of those new magic looks… :frhigh:

Here’s some more smaller bits. Vetex has also been fixing things such as parts and GUIs not loading, and may put that into WoM later. Vetex has also done cosmetic things. For example, multiblasts with the right hand punch will now switch to left hand every other blast. He says this will also work with other types of casts. Sounds cool!

Also magic interactions with parts have been tweaked a bit. Here’s an image:

Screenshot 2021-02-19 at 1.25.35 PM

Now for something bigger. You know crystal magic? Widely regarded as the worst magic in the game? Well, Vetex has finally added crystal’s unique status, which grows a crystal on the target, breaking in 5th hit. Not only that, but it has synergies too.

Looks like crystal isn’t on the bottom anymore, and people are reconsidering magic choices across the forum. Especially that synergy with light… I feel like we’re not going to be underestimating this magic anymore! :nod: :crystal_magic_var1:

Also, thanks for @Fluect for confirming that the crystals last ten seconds. (Doesn’t reset the time when you add a new crystal, he pointed out in the comments.) Gotta be quick!

Last trello info you’re getting today, Vetex is currently working on differentiating and adding new magic synonyms. He’s also revamping the UI once again. Don’t work yourself out, Vetex!


Forum Topics of the Week

An immortal question… What are you looking forward to in TGR? @AdityaCoolDude asks this in his topic. It’s a good thing to debate about. Personally, it’s going to be the new map, storyline, lost spells and accessories for me. Maybe sailing as well. It’s going to be grand on the day TGR releases! (Or an RKing spree :fr:…) Share your thoughts! I’m sure many different people will have different opinions, such as the weapon abilities and exploration, which i’m also looking forward to.


We continue on the trend with the “Person above you.” Though this wasn’t from this week, it’s worth a mention… and made me laugh. Go check it out and try to describe the person above you! No cheating though! By @TheLocalFool. Also, this topic has almost 700 replies. Will this trend continue? We’ll find out soon (But I don’t think so.) For the better or worse? No matter, this was a funny topic.


I’m surprised how fast this suggestion grew. It just closed, and took a whopping 117 votes with it. Here’s New Spell Type: Constant Beams by @BaguetteCrusader. This is a suggestion showing that we should have a new type of beam. We can hold it, and it will constantly damage enemies inside of it while also draining our mana. Tons of effort and even a GIF was put into this suggestion. No wonder it got so many votes. Seems like a cool idea, and I hope vetex implements this in some way. Congrats! :nod:


Art of the Week


This is pretty dang cool… Modern Wizards Art by @Phi. This art depicts a fire and shadow wizard with a synthwave background. Ever notice how in universes with magic, we have little technology? Here’s something that contradicts that, and i’m imagining a game like Arcane Odyssey, but in the future, in a big city. Awesome art! :sunglasses:


Writing of the Week

In our Writing of the Week section in this issue, we have Crimson Origins Chapter Six by @DRobinHood. :nod: We follow the adventures of characters in the Arcane Adventures universe with great description, dialogue, and technique. Great job and fun read!


Here’s a Puzzle For You…

Last week’s Riddle Solver is… @Cat_Bread ! Congratulations for being the first to crack it!

The answer was… “sad guy”!


This week’s Riddle is…


S _ _ _ _ _

First to message or ping me with the answer will get a shoutout next week’s issue! No cheating!


Thanks for reading this week’s edition of The Odyssey Feed!


Hope you enjoy!

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Good stuff, the amount of effort you put into these everytime you do so is really good and it’s very commendable


once again, great job :poggers2:

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cool art of the week


Indeed, it managed to stay on top the whole week because of the concept

Time does not reset

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Fixed. Thanks for helping!

I think it would work better for you if you shoved all of this into one google doc and then posted that

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damn, those magic revamps are really cool.