Didn't know Salvatore was full of fodder

Lol, I killed your mans in less than 30 seconds after he sneaked attacked me while I was talking to a friend. Your guild is a joke, fight me.


Who tf is you bruh

Who tf is YOU

I have several questions

One, why cause drama because you got rked?

I have a strong sense of justice

(and that’s not drama, a lot of people found our little crusade really entertaining)

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Who’s this RANDOM

The random thats about to fuck the leaderboard up alone

AO player cant read, good job, you are a walking stereotype

wow, salvatore full of fodder? as a member of salvatore i am leaving, i do NOT condone this.

this is truly a arcane odyssey moment

You are right where you belong bud

You are also a walking stereotype though. I wanted MORE context dumbfuck. Like why cause drama over such a petty thing? Next time THINK

Who’s this random

Your mom is calling you

low quality bait