Didn't know Salvatore was full of fodder

Still cant use your comprehension skills I see. I didnt call you stupid because you wanted more context, I called you stupid because you said I got rekt’d, even though directly in my post I said the exact opposite of getting rekt’d occurred. Like how are you this bad at reading and understanding

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You didn’t get rekt’d, you got rk’d or at least avoided it (close enough, although I would have said ganked). You got ganked and that’s all, there’s no mention of you getting destroyed in derp’s message.

Ok so if 1 person from a leaderboard guild failed to gank you, that automatically means the whole guild is bad? Bro is actually on something.

also who tf are you


I can garantee everyone else is fodder too

My guy is tryin to be the edgy main character who wants to fight all the top clans by himself. How long do you guys expect him to last till he gets bounty hunted lol.