Do you guys think shot or double beam should deal more dmg

  • Shot should do more dmg than double beam
  • They should do about the same dmg
  • Double beam should do more than shot
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shot is meant to be a poking tool, strength is a rushdown stat

beam is meant to be a projectile for hitting faster opponents, when a blast isn’t capable, magic is a zoning stat

I feel like the zoning projectile should do more damage than the rushdown projectile

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Double beam is slower than shot
Also berserker isn’t supposed to shoot ppl

I don’t think you realize how absolutely insane beam’s range can get with high attack speed

attack speed affects beam range?


this game’s pvp is dead and gone and i have given up trying to adjust to it

Pvp used to be better than it is now. Now whenever you fight some high ass speed warlord or thermo user you can bet your ass they are going to fly off first into the fight.

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Yoooooooooooo I never knew that now I will kill with my 310 atk speed build

High speed sniper double beam

With insane range