Do you guys think the grand navy is part of the Order?

I see people talking about this and I guess it makes sense?? But its a bit strange since the order is full of kingdoms iirc, and the GN isnt a kingdom so why would they want curses? If they did want to advance magic that would cause more trouble for them since criminals would be tougher to beat wouldn’t it?

Edward Kentons dialogue, pre and post upgrade, states

That the navy was giving orders to captains, with no rhyme nor reason. Orders which had even the captains uncertain and fearful. He left due to the sheer amount of bloodshed in the navy, but also outright just mentions the Navy making weir and confusing moves and not telling anybody on the ground why

Commodore Kais dialogue

States “kill me, or they will” which to me, implies the order. Alongside him mentioning his ‘secret’

My only issue with it is that players can be in the navy, so being in the navy and figuring out the navy is under the order would be kinda awkward

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Im guessing anybody higher then commodore knows whats going on, its probably like the Rav realm, the lower ranks didnt know they were doing things wrong, if we do ever fight the grand navy leader im guessing that somebody else will take their place

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I wouldn’t be surprised if the fleet admiral was an order member

The fleet admiral? Whos that

yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if we had a double agent at least

it would be cool i mean the order literally operates everywhere so it wouldnt be surprising for there to be high lords/barons possibly in the grand navy, assassins syndicate or just in kingdoms

even the company who manages the agora probably has a high ranking order member writing and controlling the newspapers

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the grand navy WAS a kingdom up until I think it was 20 years ago according to that ravenna npc

could have been some older leader who is a part of it

honestly I just wanna see some more of that kingdom that woman wanted to make that makes peace with all kingdoms, it sounds like a cool concept

I just wonder how she’ll manage when some kingdom gets pissed at her, maybe it’s some protection pact with all of them?

You talking about Maya?

Assuming the navy ranks are like the actual navy, the Fleet Admiral is the highest rank in the navy, equivalent to the real-world US General of the Army and General of the Air Force.

Since the grand navy is it’s own organization, the Fleet Admiral would be the head honcho that has higher power than the Admirals in the Navy. Not to say the Fleet Admiral is the highest rank in a fictional organization that we don’t know everything about. There’s likely higher currently unknown positions of power in the Grand Navy, since it’s not just a branch of military like the US Navy.

the leader is called the King Admiral

makes sense considering the gn was a kingdom

Oh wait you were talking about the Thorne empire

Well if it’s got a name like that, they might just be the highest power individual in the navy.

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well yeah, it mentions that admiral is second highest rank, only below said king admiral

Well yea, though “King Admiral” still has a faint possibility of being a “Rank” appointed by an even higher power.
After writing that sentence I don’t even know if that would even check out, but whatever.

Though there’s also the possibility that the King Admiral is the highest power, but he’s innocent and there’s someone from the Order pulling his/her strings.

Doubt it since Commodore kai is probably with the Order

Well if someone was manipulating the King Admiral they could force him to sneak order members into the ranks of the Navy

it would be cool if the king admiral was basically a figurehead and some of the admirals below are really in charge. like maybe the king admiral can order operations and thinks he’s the leader but some admirals actually choose exactly how the operation will go, even “relocating” the operation somewhere completely else.

maybe we can meet the king admiral, and they’ve noticed how this keeps happening, and they ask you to investigate

(of course the cringe players that are admiral rank aren’t included tho

I’m still really confused about the lines in-game “The Four Admirals” and “The Ten Vice Admirals”. The names themselves sort of imply that those are the only Admirals and Vice Admirals in the Navy, which are all player characters.
It kind of creates a gap in possible ranks that you could run into during the story. Maybe it’s just an oversight or poor choice of words. Vetex should just remove the numbered words and call them “Admirals” and “Vice Admirals” on the leaderboard to clear up that confusion in that case.

How are they cringe for getting admiral, anyway I dont think the king would be that stupid