Doctor profession

Doctor profession
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Now we all know that vetex decided to add lasting injuries. This could be a problem for some people making it annoying to pvp train. I have come up with a very simple fix. Doctor profession.

How it would work: Now the doctor profession could work two ways. 1. A player has this role and can heal injuries but it would take longer for the serious injuries. Now this would fully heal them (it could also just rapidly increase the healing) and their injuries would be fixed now this wouldn’t give a boost in combat because you wouldn’t be able to do this in combat. The healing would take too long and it would leave you open. 2. This could also work as a npc in towns that you could pay to heal you because it would be too annoying to live with such an injury. Now these would only live in towns and cannot be used while in combat.

Reason to add: for the sweaty try hards that don’t want a injury slowing them down, for the people doing pvp training and don’t want injuries to bug them, for
the people that jump off cliffs for fun.

Thanks to @Grand_D.Experience for the idea. This was my way of changing it but full props to him.

there would kinda not be a reason to not go for this and it makes all other professions kind of irrelevant

“Cooks and alchemists will most likely already be able to heal injuries by themselves…
So why bother adding another buff/support profession that only focuses on health if the other two can do that and more”

Oh also this was literally made like 3 days ago and I posted the exact same reply

Wait he knows

healing magic :scream::scream::scream:

epic gasp

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