Does anyone have any halfway decent roblox and non-roblox games to recommend?

Please, I am extremely bored.

why not try a dream youve had before?

Is that the game’s name or are you memeing?

yes thats the names game

k, ill look it up

eh… I’m not terribly into horror games, but thanks for the recommendation.


I’ve started playing Path of Exile recently, can recommend. If you have a lot of time when you’re bored and have nothing better to do, it might be perfect because the game rewards you for spending time on any of the many things there are to do.

Something about the game, it got too long

The game is huge, and there are many resources to learn from. Don’t be afraid to have a tab with the wiki open at all times to check things, and one of the resources I recommend is called “PoE University” on YouTube. It’s a 14 hour playlist, but tbh you can just watch the first 1 hour video and get a general idea for most things, and watch the other, more specific videos as necessary.

If you wanna start playing, there are 2 ways I can think of to have a great first character experience:

  1. The virgin way
  • Follow a build guide (look for some labeled with “league starter”, they are usually easy to get and won’t require much in-game currency to buy stuff)
  • Profit
  1. The Chad way
  • Just play the game, and if you hit a brick wall then you can succumb to following a build guide, or learning how to actually make your own build
  • Some tips to try and prevent hitting a wall:
    • Life nodes on the passive tree are your friend, make your way to as many of those as possible and take other stuff along the way
    • Max your elemental resistances, the game expects you to have them maxed so you will have a bad time in the later game if you do otherwise
    • Pick a skill you really like, and make your build around maximising its potential. +Life and gem slots on your gear are very important
    • Have fun. The game is huge, like I said, if you find any particular thing uninteresting, just go do something else and you will definitely find something you enjoy, unless you don’t like Diablo-like games at all, you will have a good time.

I heard valheim is pretty good it’s like Minecraft with more rpg elements it currently cost $19 on steam

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Hollow Knight and Breath of the Wild

Two games with great replayability and I had a blast, check em out :>


elemental battlegrounds…

dragon ball online generations

I would suggest voxlblade, vesteria, and starscape

out of roblox. Ya’ll are sleeping on ori.

in roblox… Robot 64 and if you want to play a game alone that feels peaceful while feeling large then you could try out tales of the valley.

if you want a good not dead game then you can always try entry point.

Other than that idrk.

I love Hexaria’s concepts and mechanics, but is almost never updated and there’s not that many cards. Still try it.

oh yeah, robot 64
i HIGHLY recommend robot 64, its a actually good platformer on roblox.

Those exist?

yes they do
robot 64 is an example.

alright I gotta see this.

Hehe, I do love to play some besiege which is a nice physics based game. But for roblox, I would say any sort of build mode game.

KAT, Starscape, Framed, Wormface.
Minecraft, Terraria, Stanley Parable, Opus Magnum, Portal 2, Raft, Factorio, Satisfactory, Hydroneer, Spellbreak, Subnautica, Superhot, Axiom Verge.