Does anyone know of some method of changing base magic

is there gonna be a rare potion for it because i am currently running poison light, but i wanna run light poison because there is a stronger poison lost magic and i barely use poison over light. now maybe there is a magic that is just as fast as light but stronger but i havn’t seen one, so if anyone has to answer to changing base magic or if there is a magic as fast as light pls tell me.

In the future

going to be hard as hek to get

aether might be, it’s basically just light but more explosive iirc

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Its what calvus uses

It’s been speculated that your first magic can’t be changed cus its sumn to do with minds but irdk too much ab lore

You cannot change your first magic.

If you’re a mage or another build that gets 3 magics, you can change your second and third magic by getting lost and ancient magic scrolls.

you can also change your first magic with a magic reset potion (at least it’s probably gonna be a potion)

Where did you hear this?

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Oh that’s cool. It better be really, really, really hard to do though.

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