Doesn't matter how much the Dark Sea has on it's woeful hands, doesn't matter what horrible secrets it lay behind, doesn't matter what horrors and dangers it awaits for bravest..... NONE OF IT will ever come close to this

I believe this is the scariest thing in Arcane Odyssey. You never know when it will come, it just awaits and you pray that it doesn’t come.



(Complete sentence)

this has happened to me thrice in the dark sea, one time i was leaving to get true captain (literally like 3 minutes out from bronze sea at the time i dc’ed)
the other times i had 10+ dark sealed chests on my boat, my internet is good but it cuts out at the worst times for some reason

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Me helplessly indulging myself in greed as I haul over 50 Dark Sealed Chests on the 3rd layer knowing damn well I could be disconnected inevitably at anytime:


In a weird way it’s oddly fitting.

Yeah, don’t put all your eggs in one basket oof. This happened so much to me that I fear having more than 10 sealed chests

my friend disconnected and i couldnt spawn a brig so we lost 22 chests

Wow it’s almost like I made a suggestion addressing this but people read the one that involved you going back to the main sea to do something that proved to not be a major problem…
Granted, this probably isn’t insanely common either, but the greatest barrier to entry for the Dark Sea is either Free-Time or Internet. In your case you got screwed over by your internet. My condolences.

If you want to read it, it’s here.
It’s pretty long so if you want you can scroll down to read my TLDR in the replies.

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I’ve disconnected in a run at least 6 times (I’ve done 10 runs).

i’ve foiled a group run of the dark sea just because of me disconnecting, i can vouch that it’s the scariest thing next to 3 atlantean ships spawning around you all of a sudden

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