Doge nation really that toxic?

I’m not sure why i came up with this topic but some people in the game had to say doge nation was a toxic guild, is this true? (note: on leaderboard 20th place)

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What is a dough gray

Idk, I heard that they duped items which is un-pog

Super unpog

b r u h

they did do some stuff in the past I didn’t rlly care tho I still barely care but Doge is a pretty shit guild tbh they 1v5 my members we 2v5 them and win then we get more in to even the numbers they leave they 1v3ed me then me and my friend beat em in a 2v4 making some even leave their in-game and I still ended up making them lose 5 infamy pretty much they outnumber and still lose and then log whenever they can’t outnumber you or start losing they also use the wack reset tactic I’m glad is getting fixed TGR I got some screens and vids of these moments too but I’m not tryna be too toxic about it

They seemed pretty chill when I met them

didn’t they get caught red handed duping items once?
didn’t that like disable trading for a month?
and when confronted didn’t king spit absolute bs?

Kinda sad to see it return. It should’ve stayed dead.

I actually killed one of these dudes after he tried to kill me. He said I was bad then left the game. So ya their toxic

doge nation really isnt toxic, but it alt farms

and you a dummy for reply peoples

m8 Ik I 1v1ed a Doge I said gg afterwards I got 3v1ed then called backup they left since they couldn’t 3v3 and the 1v5 wasn’t me but you ganked my member he was beating y’all in a 1v3 then y’all had to 1v5 him then Salvatore GM joined and clapped y’all in a 2v5 lmao you rlly think you’re shit huh then me and onyx were beating y’all and your GM in a 2v4 which even caused 1 of your members to leave the in-game lmao come back when you stay in the server and fight without always having to outnumber then talk

y’all are clowns fr

and y’all reset and still fail lmao

coughs ahem

doge nation really is toxic, and it alt farms

fixed this for you

I’ve never called in people over a 1v1 but that outnumber stuff y’all do Is when I do and then y’all leave because you know you’re not shit without numbers it’s still fine though because Doge stays losin even with the number advantage

Nah Doge himself was duping items and trading them to his members Idk much about it tho you’d have to ask level but the ban barely matters since Doge is clearly already bypassing bans with his alt

there we go never got to finish the 3v3 because y’all left and we only killed 1 guy

I think black bulls more toxic ngl. This starplat something guy from it killed me twice when I was afking and killed me when I was low from killing mino. Then he caused a threat in Ironport to surrender to escape from me then left the server. Giga cuck bruh.

Atleast when I fought Doge Nation players in-game atleast they asked 1v1 and we fought fair and square different from Black Bulls which will somehow search all trees in the map to find and kill you afk.

They tried to 2v1 one of my guild mates and they got fucking folded bro
It was the funniest shit ever cause they started complaining about it afterwards