Don't Make Any More Currency Codes

Legit this is making currency even more useless in the market considering people could just create an alt, use all the currency codes, then pass it all to the main account.

I swear to god, vetex, if you’re gonna make more currency codes after the release of Arcane Odyssey, you’re making a mistake for the currency in-game. They’re not going to be worth trading for an item anymore considering everyone knows that you can easily obtain them from codes and repeat the process of creating a new file and pass it all to the main file.

As most of you all know, there are two currency code at the moment and it all sum up to 700 and more may be added but we’ll see that soon. With the current money cap, 5000, it will only take about eight times to get to max in just a few minutes. This legit makes other currency earning ways become useless such as fishing since using the codes is much faster than them.

Now if you’re still not going to change your mind from making more currency codes, I suggest that you lower the amount of currency code per major update, it still shouldn’t be a lot as well since that would pretty much beat the idea of making currency worth something again. I’d say about having all of the currency code sum up to only 200 to 300 , considering the codes would only last until a major update gets released, although the sum of all the currency code should only depend on the money cap since this will serve as a balance for them.

Lord, I couldn’t agree more with this suggestion. With this kind of inflation currency is becoming completely useless. Add more xp/currency multipliers and not static gib money codes. Vote from me :nod:


Now reading this I can agree completely on that currency codes are exploitable. I will give my vote.

Even better, make item codes for special vanity items. I’d much prefer that over just crowns.

Those would be equally as exploitable.

Someone literally straight up told me they made 15k making alts to use the codes, and he uses the crowns to snag boss weapons from people who do not know the values of the boss items. I totally agree with this suggestion.

Oh wait what, I thought I typed “Any More” in the title, guess the auto correct actually corrected it, epic.

nah kid, gotta grind to 5k

Just remove codes and daily rewards. They were a bad idea to begin with. (Daily quests are ok).

They’re fine if they’re going to stay as xp multipliers. They can be other types of results like for example a code that spawns a random big chest randomly on the map and you can track it.

I’d say xp multiplier are ok as well (no crown multipliers or item chance multipliers though)

I agree, but we also could get some cosmetics from those codes. Now I know that would be exploitable again, how about they make them untradeable? Problem solved.

Agreed the currency is so inflated now due to the codes lol.

I heard someone made 25 alts.


I’m not nearly dedicated enough to do that just for some crowns geezus.

The question is, why the hell did he make 25 alts when 1 alt is enough since the only thing that you need to do is create and delete files, then repeat.

just read the title and voted

^ this


I’ll admit, I have like 5 solid alts for JoJo Games
sorry not sorry, I started playing them like 2 years ago