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You find yourself wandering one night in the Whispering Forest. You hear the rustling of the trees and the whistle of the wind. You hear footsteps near you. Your heartbeat starts to hasten, and adrenaline surges into your veins. Who’s also in this forest? Are they friendly? Are they hostile? What happens next, only you can tell.

character form!

Brief Backstory (doesn’t have to be the whole thing, just give us a brief overview):

please note that overpowered characters (e.g having a grand fire curse/primordial magic) will not be accepted. If you want to have a character with primordial magic or curse, you must set up some sort of foil, whether it be that your character doesn’t know how to fully control it or doesn’t know its full potential.

(edit: forgot to include culture and appearance, sorry)

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Name: Erza
Age: 16
Magics: :ash_magic:Ash, :fire_magic:Fire
Backstory: Is searching for answers by looking for someone formally close to her who ruined her life.
Personality: Kind but daring, will go out of her to those who she believes are worth it. Is traumatized at the sight of blood, leading to her mainly killing through clouds of ash. Is Neutral Neutral on the moral scale.
Culture: Alalean, though she holds no loyalty for her culture.
Appearance: Burnt red hair with dark skin, scar over her right eye.

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just gonna put my character here cause why not

Name: Arsen Azure
Age: 16
Magic(s): Inferno (only unlocked recently), Fire
Brief Backstory: The son of a Skylian prodigy wizard, he ran away from the Dark Arts Society many times. They killed off his parents and abducted the first thing he had that was close to a friend. He now seeks answers and revenge.
Personality: Mostly neutral/passive. Ambitious for revenge, but houses kindness and patience as well.
Culture: Skylian
Appearance: Dark blue hair and a fair skin tone

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Idk how these things work but yeah here’s mine ig

Name: Adrian Calding
Age: 17
Magic(s): :lightning_magic_var2:
Brief Backstory: Was a pirate for 3 years before he left and turned himself in. Now he goes around adventuring and trying to become a powerful wizard to prove to his family and the rest of his culture that he’s not a failure.
Personality: Arrogant and somewhat of a jerk, he’s nice to people when he feels like it. Though he usually acts before he thinks, which gets him into a lot of trouble. He likes to pickpocket and steal stuff.
Culture: Vistarian
Appearance: fair skin and black messy hair, he usually appears with many bandages on him, as he gets into a lot of fights because of his habits

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so a hero who pickpockets people…? reputation moment

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Name: Aaron (insert new greek last name here)
Age: 19
Magics: wind, reflector, sound
Backstory: his ancestors were killed for letting humans have too much power
Personality: he’s indifferent to conflicts between humans but he isn’t against the magic council
Culture: new greek
Appearance: wears new greek robes that give him high magic speed and magic size in exchange for drawback

Name: Kaye Silver
Magic: Shadow (promethean flame, Yet he has no control. Some times he can’t even summon it. It usually comes out when he is in grave danger. Yet he loses all his magic energy) And Somewhat control of reflector. (often times the reflection fails, paralyzing him and leaving him vulnerable to attacks.)
Brief Backstory: His parents left him at summer hold knowing that they can’t take care of him. They knew that he was going to be targeted because of their actions. So in a small case, they left him a spear, and a scroll. With a note that was never read. Later on, he was adopted by the royal family of Summer hold. King David Silvers family. One day, the royal palace was attacked. A wizard came to kill Kaye by draining his magic energy. Before his magic energy was completely drained, he went to the case to see if anything would save him. He then saw what the note said. On the note, was ancient writings. Kaye knew these writings, as he learned bout them and studied them. He read the note, which infused the scroll into his body, surrounding the area with White flames, and burning the wizard.
The wizards were eventually chased out. But Kaye, still felt as if he was in danger. This keeps him from using Promethean flame. He always wondered how he was able to summon magic when he was drained from magic energy. He did investigating and figured out that whenever he nearly dies, the promethean flame acts on its own. Which keeps him from fighting, afraid of nearly dying and it going berserk.

Even the strongest heroes have insecurity’s.

Culture: Castlian (originally Vistarian)

Appearance: Brown skin, Purple wizard robe, Black mercenary pants, A cyan striped straw hat, With a Vistarian spear. Black and purple dreads. he’s 6’1

Personality: Often laid back, Positive rep, Not usually brave, but he can be

(Why is my character the only adult?)

(i mean canonically speaking if you character obtained enough magic power they could live over a century old; look at theos, he lived for like 900+ years because he was so powerful)

(?) = optional if problematic to include
(??) = unknown for sure
[] = not until very late into the story

Name: Mei-Xing (alias is Jin) (??)
Age: 16(??)
Magics: :ash_magic: Ash :ash_magic:, :fire_magic: Fire :fire_magic:, :acid_magic_var2: Acid :acid_magic_var2: [ + Healing +]
Personality: Chaotic Neutral, enjoys making people have a slightly bad time by inconveniencing them or stressing them out
Culture: North Keihatsu
Appearance: Fair-skinned 4’8" Chinese girl with medium-length black/white hair (white only at the roots and tips). Black/gray/silver eyes
Back story: She’s something of a scourge to her people, not necessarily out of blatant dishonor or rule breaking, but for being unconventional and somewhat problematic (and scary)

Other: Jaw mouth(?), can summon an Ash Cockatrice (is only 5 inches or so) (?), really good with animals, loves to gaslight, lie to, and pickpocket people. Likes to play with knives and carry around a magic scythe that can turn into a pen (is not very good with it) (?). Likes to melee fight with a mix of BJJ and Muay Thai and uses magic claws on her feet/hands when striking(?).

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