Don't reset infamy

Don't reset infamy
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Don’t reset infamy
A few reasons not to reset infamy:

  1. If u reset infamy then everyone’s infamy will be nothing and all the hard work will be for nothing
  2. If u reset infamy, why should guilds not alt farm in wom??? There is no punishment for it that won’t be inflicted on everyone.

So in short it would be bad to do because it encourages infamy alt farming.
Have a good day and don’t reply with ur opinions because I don’t want to hear them because I am based and I am correct so thanks for reading.

You’ll still get banned, right?

You still getting banned if you alt farm so yeah there’s that. Other than that, I agree infamy shouldn’t be reset besides. Isn’t vetex making it so average guilds can’t get infamy from new guilds? Correct me if I’m wrong.


I told u not to reply. So don’t start an argument, plus the ban is 3 days long I think.

im pretty sure it was adressed that it is not gonna be reset

I’m doing the rating thing.

Ok good, now don’t reply.

Effort should be 1 tbh.


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ok? dont make a post if you dont want replies dumbass

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