📈 DoubleRun’s Rare Market

Welcome to my item shop! I buy and trade items.


Currently taking a break from WoM and waiting for Arcane Odyssey to be released. I have a lot of every item in the game, just DM me if you want to trade! Thanks.**

Inventory is hidden; DM me to enquire about trades!



  • Any Sunken items
  • Headlesses



  • Exiled Armor


DoubleRun#3094, or
Reply below with offers :bulb:


I got exiled armor

What you want for it

Idk you said you were looking for one I thought you had an offer

Hard Vastira


3 pieces of exiled armor, clean


5 pieces of exiled armor, bad enchant

Oof well sorry I don’t have 5 pieces only three and one of them has the bursting enchantment

Yo got you a hard vastira you got exile chest and legs and we can deal

whats the deal

What kind of sunken sword?

hard sunken sword

My offer is full exiled armor set, clean oathkeeper and clean Minotaur helmet is my offer for it.
If its not enough then I might be able to add something

i think you’ll needa add something lol

What if I add clean sunken helmet?

What can I get for 1 exiled armor and 1 minotaur armor

Hmmm… just a little bit more will do

How about 5 of each seasonal items?

You able give any more boss drops?

How bout any sunken gear.

Oho, looks like I’m back in business!

I’ll be updating my shop on the weekends.