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<Burning Tide
2nd part of the new series about Aaron Fallenfire.

I have decided to travel to Frostmill. The Ravennan dogs are getting complacent in their snowy vacation. I chose to dock my caravel a ways from Frostmill as to not have any trouble docking. I unloaded the rowboat, put on a cloak, and took off my ruby amulet.

At Frostmill, the reception was warmer than expected. I got a cup of tea and a small fish meal. The locals seemed friendly. I expected some hostile Legion members, but so far there was no military presence save for the town guard. I decided to signal The Red Revenge to dock on the other side of the island, as I still had my cover to maintain. I chose to stay the night at the forge, where the blacksmith allowed me to sleep. When I inquired why he let rest in his forge, he said “You seem the type to prefer warmth”.

In the morning after, a small Ravenna sailboat was docked in the harbor. I quickly put my cloak on and found a place to eavesdrop on the sailors. They were talking about the sunken ships with melted parts. They speculated about the type of magic that caused this, the closest they came to magma was fire. I decided to not do anything to them, since these ensigns in particular seemed to fall in the innocent, blissfully ignorant type.

A day later, however, something went down. A Grand Navy Ketch docked in Frostmill. They were asking for taxes, and not gently. After the fishmonger said that he didn’t have enough galleons to pay, they decided to arrest him. I stepped in.

Two marines immediately tried to apprehend me too, but a knee strike and a roundhouse kick dealt with them. After that, four marines tried neutralizing me too. Two went behind me and held me back as the other two tried stabbing me. Some magma blasts from my legs dealt with the attackers, then I managed to elbow one of my restrainers and finish out the other with a shot. The rest of the crew spotted me, and I managed two strike down two more marines before they reached me. The Vice Captain was easy enough to deal with. I hit him twice on the chest, he blocked one of my strikes, I landed an uppercut, and while he was in the air I blasted him with magma. Now it was time for the captain.

He was a plasma user, as a blast that could have well taken my head off showed. I managed to clash with his second shot and rush to his ship. As soon as I landed on the deck, he took me by my collar and he jumped up. He blasted me, but I managed to block, yet I still got sent flying into a cliff. I blasted off from the cliff, melting it a little, and smashing into the Captain. I managed to get some hits in before we fell back to the ground. He blasted more, this time in a maintained beam, hitting some icebergs behind me. I fired back, this time fully manifesting a magic circle, and fired. He dodged the blast, the magma drops melting the ice beneath us, and hitting the side of Frostmill. Immediately, the ice started melting. It flooded the south of the town, carrying myself and the Captain to the sea. Out of the side of my eye I spotted my ship coming around. I swam to it and went on board. I ordered a volley towards the swimming figure. One cannon ball hit somewhat close to him, the rest hitting way off. I got on a swivel gun and fired two shots, this time hitting him dead on, only leaving smoke in the water.

After this skirmish, I could not stay at Frostmill any longer. As we sailed away, I spotted the blacksmith looking at me. Now, I am more wayward than ever. I decided to rest at Thorin’s Refuge once more, perhaps for the last time. An inkling of chaos growing in my mind. It matters not that Calvus is dead, and the Bronze Legion in shambles, I will still have my revenge.

Molten Silver Pt.1>

(ooc): I think the end for this story is near. Hopefully tomorrow I will make another Steel Anchor Issue. Also, the next update is near! so I may make a special edition of the wind series and Steel Anchor issue. Anyways, thanks for reading!


So that’s how the fight went down! Looking forward to how this all wraps up :D!

And a steel anchor issue too? Wow it’ll be a good day!

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