Dupes or no?

  • Duped
  • Real

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The descriptions are the same BTW

Aint no way someone would sell a legit headless head

Only logical way i see this could have happened is someone duping headlesses so they can sell them and get easy money since they’re so high valued

that or there’s some stage 13 dumbass running around there

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I found MORE

same server, all of them have same owner, just like the other screenshot

how many will i find

I mean 1 headless for several thousands of galleons is just not worth even if they’re duped.

Man is gonna get rich

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me personally i think they are not duped and you should totally buy em (free sunkens?!?!?!)


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if you want to see it, just join me lol, surep21 is the name


Uhh i can’t be on rn lol

these are duped

dont buy them ^^^

as if the economy isnt already broken :sob:

Ok nvm

nah im good with the mummy legs

Oh hell nah bruh

just so everybody here knows for future reference;

  • dont take seasonals like that. is that free headless trade too good to be true? it 100% is
  • look at the og owner’s last name on all halloween seasonals before you get them. check if its a last name that could have been obtained in wom. list is here; Character Creation | Roblox World of Magic Wiki | Fandom
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@J9VR did you swindle me…

more importantly whats gonna happen to my inventory :sob: :sob: is the trade gonna be reverted or are all the sunkens i traded for it gon be voided ← or will just flat out get the hammer

make an exploit report on the discord bout it and a soup will help you out

Bro was born in Ashen in WOM