Durza and Morden have something in common

sorry for being blunt but i just hope he leads the whole kingdom only using his powerful charisma, i think it’d be pretty funny

the winterveil rizz obliterates the weak ravennan


I actually recently had this random idea that MC might get captured and taken back to the Order of Aesir, same place that Morden and MC were taken at some point through the storyline. This could be where MC find out more about their past, while also discovering more stuff about The Order.

I mean, c’mon, story is supposed to take place during 3 years, and the first Sea only takes about one month, most of it was just us doing some mining. Other seas might take way longer since wars and stuff, but theres still room for that kind of arc to happen for MC (again)

Though, I stopped this train of thought for a second realizing “Oh damn, Morden might lose it, break away from the group and start his villain arc” whn I think about it. I mean, that place sounds like hell in of itself, and Morden and MC barely escaped and lost someone in the process.

In some way, if something does pushes him over the edge, it might be because of MC. If he thinks MC is dead, his last friend, then thats the part where you wouldn’t want to mess with him.

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i mean according to his notebook he felt weird after getting the death curse


Technically any normal/magical human being who literally absorb one of the most powerful curse in the war seas will probably feel the same symptoms dawg

Dead iris lets goooo

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its okay i can fix him

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I feel like Morden becoming colder is almost certainly because he allowed the literal cube of pure death, which was also floating around in a magic polluted wasteland for possible years, become apart of his body and soul.

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it is, curses change the user to embody them

so morden is probably going to get edgier and see less worth in the life of people