Durza head-canon art. [+Character design]

The pic is refer to when Durza gain his curse. Since it is a head canon it won’t be accurate to whatever the official durza lore is.

The design + Reference (This is before he gain his curse)


smol durza time baby

Baby man
Look at this baby man over here

and now he’s big bad man


mmmyes little boy gets head pats mmm

actually this just made me think

how big are curses (as cube before use) exactly?

personally given the “difficult to transport” part, you’d think they’d actually be relatively big
(person sized or something)

I mean I could totally see them being able to fit in a hand but I don’t remember seeing any actual given size for them

hell, they might even vary in size, but whats the general range or whatever

The Light Curse in Trollus’ comic was really big iirc, but I always imagined them as small, pocket-sized objects to actually be, like, hide-able.

but uh

how would you hide them

in vaults in incredibly hard to reach locations

ex: underground super far, inside a volcano, bottom of the sea, space, etc

no i mean like

how would you carry them without absorbing the curse

probably with wagons or ships or whatever to carry it without having someone directly carry it

even then it might have to be carried in something with specific materials, since it might flow through something like arcanium

how would you get it on the wagon/ship

idk a blanket or something

we don’t really know the specifics of the curses as cubes other than touching them makes you magical,
touching 2+ at the exact same time gives multiple,
and that they’re hard to transport

ask tech or something

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This seems like a feasible design to me. Well done.

I always imagined them being like half the size of the average person.

Little boy who can’t use magic weak. Steal magic become strong. Little boy turned edgy. Once again great art from tong.

Yeah they probably vary. I found this image online which originates from techs Twitter when looking for an image of one long time ago.

You tell me

smol durza time ae

he looks so innocent and then he becomes so evil noooooooooo