Earth Elemental: The Tortoise

Part of the Magic Elementals (Open Art Collab) series. If you’re an interested forum artist hmu.

Process Video (may be loud):

Bestiary Entry

A truly massive creature, the Earth Tortoise is one of absolute indifference towards anyone and anything. Their diet consists of boulders from mountains larger than itself that it chews up and produces ores and minerals from the heated core inside it. Though they are capable of rearing up, as shown, they only do so to scope the land for more resources and use their long necks to safely obtain the rocks without damaging too much of the mountain itself or causing an avalanche.

Though not overtly aggressive, they’re a rare find and a sight to behold, but it’s best to keep a safe distance with their inability to see beings as small as ourselves.


Dang that long neck

Ayo what’s that coming out of his shell at the front

New Shadow of The Colossus boss leaked! Which is good because the music in that game rocks!

This drawing rocks as well!!


more Bakugan vibe from this

It’s a colony if bats that live in the opening at the front


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Yeah, it’s mostly tortoise with a 'lil bit of Diplodocus

First after forum death

i have an idea on what water’s should be. Maybe it should be the Kraken or a Sea Serpent?

Water’s has been decided from the beginning, but I don’t blame you for not seeing it. The problem with those are

  1. Kraken would probably be too close to a cephalopod, which many would like for Ink (even though it is still undecided)
  2. Sea Serpent is low-key redundant imo, especially when I already have done a few serpentine Elementals in Wind’s Quetzalcoatl, Poison’s Basilisk, and Acid’s Salamander.

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I’ve had so much repetition for Water and other Elementals. If you’d like to know, Water’s Elemental is going to be a Hippocampus. Thank you for the suggestion, though. Maybe at an earlier time it would be more helpful T_T

one step closer to the all-mighty sand crab

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