Magic Elementals (Open Art Collab)

An art series/open collab wherein I draw an Elemental Beast for every Magic! As it it an OPEN collab anyone is free to join in at any time, provided they credit/tag me and whose idea was used.

Elemental List

Acid Magic - Salamander
Water Magic - [Hippocampus
Ink Magic - Hydra
Fire Magic - Atlas Moth (@TheChickenRun)
Earth Magic - Tortoise
Ice Magic - Akh’lut
Lightning Magic - Qilin
Magma Magic - Dragon
Wood Magic - Elk (@ThatOnePerson)
Light Magic - Moon Rabbit
Wind Magic - Quetzalcoatl
Shadow Magic - Eurasian Eagle-Owl (@TheChickenRun)
Iron Magic - Drake
Paper Magic - Paper Wasp (@TheChickenRun)
Poison Magic - Basilisk
Gold Magic - Wyvern
Plasma Magic - Pegasus (@Revolver)
Sand Magic - Oasis Crab (@TheSandCrab)
Glass Magic - Cellar Spider
Crystal Magic - Nine-Tailed Fox (@Skhan2587)
Snow Magic - Amarok
Explosion Magic - Bombardier Beetle
Ash Magic - Cockatrice

Atlas (Fire) Moth + Cellar (Glass) Spider
Lightning Qilin + Plasma Pegasus
Moon Rabbit + Shadow Owl
Poison Basilisk + Ash Cockatrice
Wind Quetzalcoatl + Ink Hydra

Bestiary Entries
Acid Magic: The Salamander

A docile yet extremely elusive creature, the Acid Salamander is unintentionally dangerous to any around it who cannot withstand the incredibly acidic body fluids that coat its scales. Because of this, they live in colonies of their own in places such as Erosion Cave (depicted above) and Acidic Swamp.

Water Magic: The Hippocampus

Among the most elusive Elementals, despite their horse-like size, the Water Hippocampus often will consistently approach a particular person (typically of the same Water Variant they are). They’ve proven numerous times their immense intelligence through tricks and an apparent understanding of language. Found throughout the War Seas, their coloration depends on their region, with darker blues and purples found in the colder depths, while greens and pinks shine in warmer, more tropical regions.

Ink Magic: The Hydra

To talk about the Ink Hydra without first noting its insurmountable danger is impossible, as one of their most notable traits is their volatile and exceedingly violent nature. Indeed, to describe even a single trait of the Ink Hydra, one must draw onto how that only serves to aid in their monstrous tirades across the War Seas. Its diet is largely unknown, but it is believed that they frequently dine on other such massive sea creatures as whales, squid, and even the Alpha White Eyes, dwarfing all who find themselves with the great misfortune of encountering the beast. It has also been observed that the Ink Hydra possesses an entirely serpentine body with no legs, slithering across the land smoothly as it leaves a constant trail of black ink behind it.

Their vast and largely uncharted territories, thought to be located over the deepest trenches of the seas, can be seen marked with a noticeable black inkiness to their waters, such that if one were to stick their hand below the surface they’d not be able to see the tips of their fingers and come up with it stained completely black. To enter these territories is almost certain suicide, as even if you somehow manage to survive the attack itself you will surely die to creatures such as the Alpha White Eyes and other leviathans within its depths.

As its territories lay close to the skies, the Ink Hydra has been observed in battle with an unexpected rival of the seas: the Wind Quetzalcoatl. Events such as these only appear to occur when sea vessels perceived as innocent by the Wind Quetzalcoatl are under threat by the Ink Hydra, such as the countless fleets of a migrating people. Conversely, the Wind Quetzalcoatl is not above flinging entire armadas into the inky black seas of the Ink Hydra, should they be foolish enough to attack it.

To any dauntless enough to attempt it, the Ink Hydra can indeed regrow heads, returning not one but two from which it was split. Each acts and thinks independently of the others, however it is typically found that the eldest head is most dominant of them all and will not hesitate to put the others in their place through violent means. The alpha head can be observed baring the most extravagant frills and whiskers, purposefully ripping and tearing from both structures in the other heads in order to further assert its dominance over them. If one were to be injured in a fight, perhaps with a Wind Quetzalcoatl or rival Hydra, it would not be considered abnormal behavior to exhibit the alpha head purposefully ripping off the injured one in return for two more. Still, it’s an estimated 50/50 chance of this happening, as more heads also results in more competition and maintenance to retain control.

Though it is unknown how many the Ink Hydra is born with, the fewest known heads seen has been as little as three, while the most have been thirteen on a single body. The typical amount of heads is supposedly five, though with any more a second dominant head may appear to manage the others under the first. It should also be noted that to kill the body joining the heads of the Hydra is also as futile as targeting the heads themselves due to their ability to separate from the body itself with enough damage. In doing so, the heads are all vulnerable to the abyssal creatures within the territory, as well as each other, but will happily prey upon anything they see fit.

To kill such a tremendously ferocious beast there are but two solutions:

  1. If even one of the heads lays their eyes upon that of the Ash Cockatrice or Poison Basilisk’s eyes the entire body will die with no chance of escape or recovery.
  2. It is possible to end the Ink Hydra through brute force and to do so one must sever the heads and cauterize the wound in such a quick succession that the heads do not return. However, as is the case with all Magic Elementals, the only way to harm them is through the use of Magic Energy, so any being incapable of magic will surely perish.
Fire Magic: The Atlas Moth

Another non-aggressive Elemental, the Fire Atlas Moth’s eye spots are used for intimidation, as well as to blind predators when in need of a quick escape. If such methods fail, the moth will heat its body, the tips of its wings, and the eye spots so that any predator is deterred or releases the moth on reflex. Said spots are also used for the courting of a mate, with the brightest and hottest spots being most favorable to females. This sometimes leads them to invade homes out of confusion.

The females have thinner antennae and slimmer bodies, though their wings are significantly larger in proportion to their bodies with more red hues. The males, meanwhile, have more orange tones and are relatively the same size as the females in terms of wingspan, albeit having larger bodies and thicker, stubbier antennae.

Earth Magic: The Tortoise

A truly massive creature, the Earth Tortoise is one of absolute indifference towards anyone and anything. Their diet consists of boulders from mountains larger than itself that it chews up and produces ores and minerals from the heated core inside it. Though they are capable of rearing up, as shown, they only do so to scope the land for more resources and use their long necks to safely obtain the rocks without damaging too much of the mountain itself or causing an avalanche.

Though not overtly aggressive, they’re a rare find and a sight to behold, but it’s best to keep a safe distance with their inability to see beings as small as ourselves.

Ice Magic: The Akh'lut

Inuit Wolf-Orca.

Wood Magic: The Cherry Elk

The Wood Elk is supremely territorial and protective of others in it herd. They will let out loud cries as a warning to both other bulls and any creature perceived as a threat, including humans. They come in all sorts of similar fruit-bearing tree variants like apple, peach, etc, but the cherry elk is most common. They live in large forested areas where they remain in groups of their own gender for most of the year.

Both genders maintain beautiful antlers of bark, however blossoms only appear on males in spring and summer as a means of attracting cows (females). In a battle for attention, the males will attempt to strip the other of as many blossoms as they can, so having larger horns typically is a sign of a mature male with better odds. The females, on the other hand, bear small fruits that provide nourishment for their calves, of which they will have one per season.

Lightning Magic: The Qilin

Asian creatures with the body of a giraffe, horse, or other ungulate and covered in scales with either horns or antlers. Would be similar to the Lightning Chariot.

Light Magic: The Moon Rabbit

The Moonlight Rabbit is native to Northern Keihatsu territories and shares no counterpart to the Sunlight variant, as their fur can only be seen under the reflected light of the moon. During this time, the Shadow Owls relentlessly hunt the Moonlight Rabbits, with the success of each dependant on the moon’s phases. The bright sheen of a full moon prevents them from being attacked as it blinds the Shadow Owl, and the dark of a moonless night not enough to protect the Moonlight Rabbit from the Owl’s impeccable sight.

The Moonlight Rabbit is a rare sight to humans, however the trickster nature of younger Rabbits can lead people to stray from the safety of their homes at night with many going crazy at the game. Upon aging and gaining wisdom, a Moonlight Rabbit can be a sign of fortune and good health as they will sometimes do what has been described as “light-stepping,” in which they will temporarily solidify light particles to allow them to continuously jump. The particles turned to platforms then become dust as soon as the Rabbit loses physical contact, which then sprinkles down onto crops and on the ground. The powder lasts until morning, when the sun’s rays absorb it, but can be collected and used for medicine.

Wind Magic: The Quetzalcoatl

A divine being from the heavens, the Wind Quetzalcoatl brings with it the warm winds of summer and cold breeze of winter as it migrates from pole to pole. In the War Seas they’ve been known to stir up hurricanes and whirlpools, leading many angry pirates to attempt a hunt on them. Though rather docile, when threatened a single Wind Quetzalcoatl can create gusts easily strong enough to fling entire armadas

To honest fishermen and townsfolk, the Wind Quetzalcoatl is a sign of good fortune, bringing with them bountiful fish and dispelling tsunamis. As for pirates, the typhoons created during the Quetzalcoatl’s travels are most violent at sea whilst typically dissipating near land masses.

Shadow Magic: The Owl

Native to Northern Keihatsu territories, the Shadow Owl is a notorious and prolific hunter that will silently stalk both people and its prey: the Moonlight Rabbit. The Owl’s feathers are colored so darkly as to blend into the moonless, starless night that the presence of a full moon makes them significantly easier to spot against the bright light of the moon by the Moonlight Rabbit, who also rely on their hearing during times of complete dark.

To the Keihatsu, the Shadow Owl is a terrible omen, one often laden with themes of death. Their ominous “hu” means to dig a grave to the culture, and it is said that they only leave the nest after pecking out the eyes of their mothers. The Owls themselves have proven to be associated with a following disaster or tragic event for individuals whom they stalk, however the Owls become visibly restless and loud when such events approach.

Iron Magic: The Drake

The Iron Drake are exceedingly prideful and territorial, driving out any unwelcome guests by the toss of their horns or, if need be, a strait forward charge. Their pride often lead the male adolescents and young adults to be overly confident, however they eventually become vigilant adults upon spending time with their mates (which are often chosen for life). The females, though smaller, are the more capable of the two in terms of hunting in many cases, as their horns and gear are much sturdier compared to the more extravagant designs of the males’.

Preferring open plains and vast fields, the Iron Drake can be found in nearly any flat land in Magius, such as the Rusted Plains (depicted), Mineral Field, and more.

Paper Magic: The Paper Wasp

The only Elemental to be found in swarms and of a eusocial nature, the Paper Wasp can be found all over Magius (annoyingly). Their stings are immensely painful, being described as though one were to have several small and sharp needles slowly digging into the nerve tissue, however many find annoyance in their ability and tendency to deliberately deliver small incisions across the flesh akin to paper cuts.

During the late weeks of summer, the Paper Wasp workers go from admirably tenacious in their pursuit against intruders to outright suicidally aggressive, as by then they serve no purpose in life. In the winter months, colonies of queens will gather as a hive until spring arrives.

Poison Magic: The Basilisk

The Basilisk is born of a rooster’s egg incubated by a snake or toad. Often reveled as the “King of Snakes,” the Basilisk has a plumage of feathers much like a crown and a venom deserving of the name granted to the giant serpent. It is sometimes said that the venom can kill simply by being too near to it. Along with this great toxin, the Basilisk also holds a mighty gaze capable of killing any who meet its eye save for the weasel. To kill a Basilisk it is said that the cry of a rooster will eliminate it instantly, but the only sure-fire way to kill it is by meeting the eyes of its own reflection.

Basilisks were also possibly involved in Alchemy in the conversion of copper to “Spanish gold” through the combination of Basilisk blood, powdered human blood, red copper, and a special kind of vinegar. Similarly, it was thought that Basilisk ashes could turn silver to gold.

The Basilisk and Cockatrice have much in common with one another in their killer gaze and methods of incubation, as well as weakness for weasels. However, the Basilisk is a highly venomous king of snakes said to be able to leave trails of its own venom behind that can kill a man simply by being too near it while the Cockatrice can fly and breathe fire. It is for these similarities and differences that the Ash elemental is a Cockatrice and Poison the Basilisk. The two share extremely similar properties and abilities, but have diverged to their own ways. The Basilisk a highly toxic and venomous king of snakes. The Cockatrice a fire-breathing chimera capable of petrifying onlookers with its gaze. Fitting for two similar magics: one toxic and the other heat-based.

Gold Magic: The Wyvern

Greedy as all Hell, the Gold Wyvern is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous Elementals one could ever encounter. It’s unknown just how these creatures live, but many villagers unlucky enough to be located near a den claim to see them emerge at sunset and return at dawn.

No Wyvern lives in modesty, typically inhabiting abandoned mines and palaces intricately carved into mountains and forest caves. Gold, crystals, and jewels tower in massive mountains of their own within the caves, so I’ve been told. Unfortunately, very few ever return from seeing the undeniably glorious riches of a Gold Wyvern.

Sand Elemental: The Oasis Crab

Though rather massive, the Sand Oasis Crab fails to compare to the likes of the Earth Tortoise (however, such a creature dwarfs nearly all Elementals). On its back lays an oasis providing lush palm trees and glistening spring water to those able to access it. Typically laying dormant beneath the warm desert sands, the crab only rises when disturbed. During fits of stress, these abominable beings are known to kick up sandstorms brutal enough to prevent one from seeing their own hand.

Glass Elemental: The Cellar Spider

Quiet and diligent workers, the Glass Cellar Spider spends most of her days stringing a seemingly delicate silk that messily drapes across the opening of her small hideaway, preferably just under some rock. Despite their transparent bodies making them appear frail, they have a hardy bite that’ll cause great irritation to any who are afflicted as their saliva is filled with glass crystals that agitate the soft tissue and rupture invertebrate insides.

They often share ecosystems with the Fire Atlas Moth, though their bite does little to them because of the heat inside their body melting the glass particles away.

Crystal Magic: The Nine-Tailed Fox

It has been found that all Crystal Nine-Tailed Foxes are female. Unlike many other Elementals, the Nine-Tailed Fox shows an intentional use of Magic similar to how common mages would. Often they use their illusory capabilities to imitate beautiful women, as well as maintainence of the caves in which they inhabit (such as light-radiating crystals).

Like many Elementals, the Crystal Nine-Tailed Fox was first named and described by the Keihatsu culture, giving it several different names depending on Clan such as 狐狸精 (Húlijīng, Fox Spirit, Chinese), 九尾狐 (Jiǔwěihú, Nine-Tailed Fox, Chinese), 九尾の狐 (Kyūbi no Kitsune, Japanese), and/or 구미호(Kumiho, Korean) and can be seen as a good or bad omen

Snow Magic: The Amarok

It is quite unknown how such a magnificently large creature could remain so well-hidden, as it is extremely seldom that native Snow Folk encounter these giants. Unlike that of the natural wolf, the Amarok hunts alone and is found to be most aggressive at night.

Several tales exist of the Amarok, claiming it to hunt and devour those hunting alone at night, however one particular witch recounts receiving guidance from a beast. Despite sharing territory, it has never been recorded how the Amarok may fare against the Akh’lut, but as they only share territory on the icy shores that line the sea and the land it’s unlikely such a conflict would be witnessed.

Explosion Magic: The Bombardier Beetle

A being capable of great destruction, the Explosion Bombardier Beetle is a voracious and prolific hunter that prefers to cook its prey by coating them in the hot liquid produced by combining the chemicals stored in their abdomen. They inhabit temperate areas and cannot handle extreme cold, but can be found anywhere throughout Magius in wooded or moist areas.

Ash Magic: The Cockatrice

Laid by a rooster and incubated by a toad (or snake), the Cockatrice is able to petrify anything that meets its eyes except for that of a weasel. They are also able to fly and breathe fire. A Cockatrice can also kill by touching or even breathing on something.

The Cockatrice is often depicted as a rooster or other bird with a snake’s tail and either feathered or webbed wings. The only way to kill a Cockatrice are to have it meet its own eyes through a mirror; however it is also said that the crow of a rooster would kill it instantly. It should be noted that there is a degree of variation within Ash Cockatrices, as those living in Keihatsu territories are more avian, sporting wings more alike to that of birds than bats.

The Basilisk and Cockatrice have much in common with one another in their killer gaze and methods of incubation, as well as weakness for weasels. However, the Basilisk is a highly venomous king of snakes said to be able to leave trails of its own venom behind that can kill a man simply by being too near it while the Cockatrice can fly and breathe fire. It is for these similarities and differences that the Ash elemental is a Cockatrice and Poison the Basilisk. The two share extremely similar properties and abilities, but have diverged to their own ways. The Basilisk a highly toxic and venomous king of snakes. The Cockatrice a fire-breathing chimera capable of petrifying onlookers with its gaze. Fitting for two similar magics: one toxic and the other heat-based.

Atlas (Fire) Moth + Cellar (Glass) Spider

(Not done)

Lightning Hippogriff + Plasma Pegasus

(Not done)

Moon Rabbit + Shadow Owl

The Moonlight Rabbit and Shadow Owl represent the powers of night within northern Keihatsu territories, with shadows being most prevalent in the absence of the watchful moon and stars and the soft light prevailing under the eyes of the night sky. The Moonlight Rabbit brings good fortune and health to those able to harvest the powder produced by a Rabbit’s light-stepping while the Owl is heavily tied to themes of tragedy and death, often of great illness and pain.

Poison Basilisk + Ash Cockatrice

The Basilisk and Cockatrice have much in common with one another in their killer gaze and methods of incubation, as well as weakness for weasels. However, the Basilisk is a highly venomous king of snakes said to be able to leave trails of its own venom behind that can kill a man simply by being too near it while the Cockatrice can fly and breathe fire. It is for these similarities and differences that the Ash elemental is a Cockatrice and Poison the Basilisk. The two share extremely similar properties and abilities, but have diverged to their own ways. The Basilisk a highly toxic and venomous king of snakes. The Cockatrice a fire-breathing chimera capable of petrifying onlookers with its gaze. Fitting for two similar magics: one toxic and the other heat-based.


Earth Elemental: The Tortoise
Ice Elemental: The Ahk’lut


Is this the right nine tails
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Ice: The Akh'lut

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Lightning: The Qilin

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Magma: The Dragon

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Iron: The Drake

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Paper: The Paper Wasp

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Poison: The Basilisk

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Gold: The Wyvern

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Plasma: The Pegasus

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Sand: The Oasis Crab

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Glass: The Cellar Spider

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Crystal: The Nine-Tailed Fox

Crystal Elemental: The Nine-Tailed Fox
Is this the right nine tails

Snow: The Amarok

Snow Elemental: The Amarok

Explosion: The Bombardier Beetle

Explosion Elemental: The Bombardier Beetle

Ash: The Cockatrice

Ash Elemental: The Cockatrice
Avian/Keihatsu Ash Cockatrice in proper lighting

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  • Ash Cockatrice: “Dragon Road (Night)” - Kenichi Tokoi • Planetary Pieces: Sonic World Adventure

ok whoa whoa whoa where did u get this

but hell yes I require that dragon

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maybe plasma could be the sun lol

Wood: The birch. An evil walking tree person. (google “the birch”)

Earth: Golem

Can you change the color for snow and ice? It is kind of hard to reed

Hehe time to get to work :smiling_imp:

Minotaur for earth since he kinda fits the magic. Wood works as well.

No not the WoM character, I meant the mythical creature.

sand= giant snake

Maybe a mythical/cryptic worm, since Basilisk is already quite snake-like

wot u gon steal these??
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im stealing them…but i dont post my art

Minotaur vs Minotaur


I might do those as a very last resort since I consider them too human-like. I’m going to try to research more creatures tonight before I sleep.

Mmmmm would probably want to see that. An epic battle to see who’s the true minotaur.

Wait are my eyes deceiving me but paper is shiki ouji and the only shiki ouji I know is from persona.

(clicks tongue + finger guns)

Give the dragon to explosion magic.

Replace magma’s dragon with a lava monster.

It’s a possibility that I might use another dracon in its place, but there aren’t a lot of lava-based mythic creatures as far as I know.

I require a magma dragon


bruh the hippocampus is a part of your brain not an animal