Earth Status Buff Suggestion

Earth Status Buff Suggestion
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Me and several others were chatting about how Earth magic could get buffed. @AnUnnamedBoi and @I_have_a_skill_issue came up with a great idea, which I will make a suggestion on.

I propose that Earth should give the concussed effect, but less than the Wooden Club does. The Concussed effect is a blur on your screen for heavy non-bladed weapons that will be added in an upcoming update, though when unknown. Earth would most likely have to be nerfed in a few other categories, as this effect is quite powerful. Feel free to give ideas below.

This could apply as well to metal magic, but it has bleed already which people have synergies for, so this would be difficult to implement.

This would be added once the “Concussed” status effect exists.

Reason to add/change

Earth has no status effect of it’s own, and it simply makes sense. This would provide Earth magic the extra “oomph” that it needs.

Anything to make Earth superior to Metal by a decent degree in a meaningful aspect.


This is the first suggestion i’ve made in a while lol. I hope some people approve of this, but credit goes towards the people pinged in this post.

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if all the concussed effect does is give ur screen a blur then I doubt it would need to be nerfed in other areas, depends on the duration of the effect and how potent it is I guess

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It all depends on what the Concussed effect will be like. This could definitely be a factor.

True, since Metal is definitely better than Earth is right now with it’s better stats, and also it’s bleeding effect.

yeah this is fun to fight against right guys


earth becoming meta again? oh shit. time to rape people with rocks

It’s not the best magic right now, and feels right with something more unique.

Thinking of more things with other solid magics. Unsure if Metal magic would actually get this status, but Earth should, I feel like. Metal magic already has it’s bleed effect, but I don’t feel like it makes much sense. Don’t know if it needs a change like this or not, but it’s more of a necessary thing for Earth to have. Anyone have further ideas?

Maybe an earth + fire affinity where fire heats up the concussion, causing it to swell even more.

Possible. There’s lots of opportunities, but we have to see exactly how the Concussed Effect will work.

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Why not a Grounded effect that slows the opponent and negates lightning damage completely?

Because he would have to add an entire other status effect, concussed makes more sense and it’s already planned to be added for non-bladed weapons instead of bleed.

>fighting earth user in air
>he hits you with a blast
>get grounded
>fuck you mom!

Imagine doing that at a volcano or in a sky island! :laughing:

Earth is more like big rocks than anything. What you are describing sounds like mud magic

True. Concussed definitely sounds like a much better fit for Earth. And it needs it.

Doesn’t make alot of sense for a magic to negate another’s dmg completely and that doesn’t depend on lvl