Empires Update Patch Notes (Discussion Thread)

Pretty sure they don’t but maybe they will

West/East harvest island

wouldn’t it be cool if when you tried capturing harvest or goso jungle salvazortore(the iron leg mentor i forgot his nam) and souvella tried stopping you cuz it’s kind of their home if you really think about it picking up watermelons and pumpkins is fine but claiming the island’s wild bru

We would be screwed cuz the iron leg mentor is meant to be really powerful idk about souvella tho

yeah, it’s pretty bad
it only does extra damage against people who are blocking your attack, which is nearly useless in pvp since most people would just parry or dodge instead, and for pve it’s just a kind of crit system.

nah he retired for a reason hes fodder

you might be able to build more farms on the island so draw even more pumpkin :smiley:

But it does more damage the more hp someone has??

I think I saw on the wiki that it does more damage based on how much defense stat you have

the only way to set your spawn on djin ruins is to have your story part there, which means anyone attempting this will be without an awakening

technically savants will be around the same power but like who would run savant without its second awakening


If this is outdated on the wiki tell me (I won’t do anything about it but I’ll know)

I just feel like power and armor piercing is an underrated combo

I’m actually trying it on my cannon fist warlord but we’ll see how that goes

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I wanna make an AP warrior in the future but not anytime soon

Also I think AP is underrated as well because I encountered a glass mage that used AP and it was brutal

I honestly think that if the new armors give defense and armor piercing, I feel like it could be one of the best in the game

I mean, I actually feel like with the builds everyone uses, armor piercing may be a better replacement for power?

It does appear to have a possible use against the panzer vitality builds people like to use nowadays…

(yeah, it doesn’t work on resistance, it’s basically only blocking (the opponent’s defense has to be insanely high to actually see much of a difference, like around 2k))

I mean that’s why I feel like it’s a better power

Power damage is the same always

But with armor piercing? If they have like 1200 hp, sure you won’t be dealing much more damage, but you can still damage them like normal as they’ll run out of hp quickly, plus a lot of your damage will go through their blocks (I don’t know why people act like people barely block in PvP)

And your damage output only gets higher the more defense the other person has, so your damage output would probably be doing more than someone with like what 60 power (depending on how much armor piercing you have)

Anyways kinda just yapped I’ll see how this goes when I finish my build

uh, yeah, about that
unless you’re fighting someone with 3k health, you won’t be noticing much of a difference

power is just better, since it always affects your damage, while ap heavily depends on your opponent’s build and actions

I don’t know man

I mean look at some of the PvP done here, that damage, with no power is good and the guy recording only has 2k hp. Most ppl have at least 1500

In my eyes having a lot of armor piercing is like always fighting someone with no defense. If they have more defense then you’ll deal more damage but if they have literally no defense, you’ll deal base damage which isn’t bad against no defense