Empires Update Patch Notes (Discussion Thread)

It’s officially began.

Continue from RfAO 4 & the Mistral Update Thread



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New thread to no longer be the biggest yapper in again (I keep remembering how I used to be the biggest yapper in RfAO)

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First patch notes and i am already punching air :fr:

this update is about to be ass

assiduous that is

this part is more important to the Empires update so I’ll drop it here anyways

Highly recommend to take out your galleons before the update releases if you dont wanna lose them. Though, theres probs a lot of time before you have to do that tho.

Personal banks are no more (real)

Well I wouldn’t mind having 50k on the ready for building

my navy file remembering that he still has savings in his personal “bank” (he is too lazy to withdraw them):

Yeah, I meant if you dont wanna lose them to the Clan building.

Thinking about it now tho, Im kinda really curious about how this update would turn out. Im a gen 2, but I never played AA far enough, so I didnt know that AA had the same system (I heard it did). I wanna see how it turns in AO…

Man if vetex does a pendulum turn and make clan building pvp focused I am just gonna troll people with guard npc spam. I can recuperate that 50k at any time

some mf is going to reinforce some shitty lil island like I dunno, whispering and make storming it feel like d-day or some shit.

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The system in AA had the big flaw of walls not auto-aligning with each other, so they’d often look very wonky. I hope in AO they will lock into place.

Cooler-looking and more durable structures were locked behind high infamy, and there weren’t a whole lot of options.

whispering is NOT a shitty island that’s my 2nd favorite fishing spot

im tryna down play it so I can have an excuse to fortify the living fuck out of my favorite claimable island.

I’ll probably stay at Sandfall most, it has sun caraways :drooling_face:

I know we’ve been friends for a while, but this is the last straw. You’re gonna have to get those sun caraways over my cold, dead body (and the rubble of a fuckton of fortifications)

based on the sneaks we get i will decide if i want to keep my 50k in clan bank or not. if the sneaks are ass i am definitely withdrawing that shit and spending it for brigs on my alts or something lol

Theres also Player Fleets, but it seems theyll be added later, which would act as Personal Clans. Which is a nice alternative for players who dont wanna join other clans, just to let those people know. Itll be later tho, so those people would have to wait like me, probably :')

mfs beefing over a rare spice item its crazy here :sob:

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