Escaping the Fleet

Ok, do we seriously need a mission where you are chased by two ketches and a damn caravel while trying to escape from Ravenna? Also, do they HAVE to just jump off when they get somewhat close? Never, have I EVER, bought a ketch myself before that point in the story. And newer players would never know to grind that much money before they have to deal with Carina, Calvus, and the entire damn Bronze Legion. They sunk my ship on my 7th save file, and now just can’t escape. Not fun.

Oh, by the way, banks don’t exist. 90% of the reason new players get stuck on the ketch and caravel quest is because they probably lost all of their cash throughout the game. If they’re lucky they’ll manage to get a caravel, which is useable for the quest, but if you have cannons or if you get rammed good luck.

I imagine that’s what a clan is for, though you need 5k in the first place to make one. Guess new players are screwed if they don’t save their cash.

For the record, all real new players(meaning they didn’t play wom, they aren’t a new file, they’re just starting the game with basic game sense) are not gonna save up 5,000 galleons.

I personally only have a ketch on one save file, mostly because of ship farming being easier with a caravel, but also because getting 3k galleons is kinda boring.

It’s not getting the cash that’s hard, that’s only naturally going to come in if you do quests, it’s keeping it. As for me, I can AND have no deathed the entire game(excluding calvus, I die to him like once every run), but the thing you have to worry about is players as long as you’re good enough to kill bosses(specifically max level players with good gear, the ones on your level or the ones with trash gear are easy to beat, for me I can beat max levels at level 104)

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I think the best way to keep your cash is to use alts. Once you reach 1000, give it to a friend to hold on to or an alt and trade it back when you’re ready.
(me personally I prefer using popular figures in the community, examples being Flare, Divanochi, MrNormalBox, herobladeX, just people that have a reputation to uphold)

I never said it’s hard, just boring. That’s the game’s tagline tbh. It isn’t difficult to get an arcsphere, or arcanium ship parts, or even boss drops. It just takes a long time, and doing the same thing over and over for hours on end is just boring. Especially compared to something like pvp, which is much more dynamic and enjoyable, albeing frustrating as hell at times.

Yeah, grinding IS boring, but I’m saying it’s easy to make like 2,000 galleons early game. The Frostmill-Cirrus jump and the quests in Ravenna give you pretty easy cash, and since you have a reason to do quests early game, it’s not actually that boring. It only becomes boring when you’re max level and you’re like “why am I even doing this quest”.

The fun quests like beating Cernyx up are one time, and the other non-one time quests are just like fighting an average NPC(dame, fire mage guy, snow mage guy)

I personally do the quest just fine on a base speed + ram Caravel, plus if my ship is fucked up you can walk into a Ravenna City to repair it since you don’t get captured when walking in the cities

Them jumping off the ship is way better than continuing to chase with their ship, because you can still outspeed the swimming Ravennan Soldiers with a base speed Caravel + you don’t have to worry about getting shredded by potential cannons

eh, I’m not a big fan of the average NPC quests personally. It’s more frustrating than rewarding to deal with npcs that can spam every move they have one after another with barely any time to react. But I can see that. I usually don’t spend too much time grinding early game though, as I like to get my slot awakened so I can see if it’s actually fun to play at it’s full potential. I’m starting to think that’s a bad mindset for trying things though, that’s how I got myself roped into playing GPO…

are you doing it the normal way or the magmurr way

Here’s a tip:
The Ravenna NPCs will aggro to only the player with the quest no matter what.
You can get another player to kill all the NPCs for you since they literally will not attack them and only chase you.
Plus no extra ships spawn in as far as I know, once the three are dead you can smoothly sail to windrow.

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What’s the magmurr way? I haven’t heard that term

i forgot

If you mean following his guide, no. I just do the story and explore/do quests to get past the level barriers. I don’t optimize shit

You can repair your ship in cities btw, they aren’t off limits.

grabbing the agro of the crews of the ships will help you outrun them.

you can just use a rowboat for this quest tho…
the cannons are too high up to hit you since they will be pretty close since the rowboat is very slow

i love it when ravenna soldiers swim faster than my caravel

imagine dying to calvus after having 3k galleons