Ethical question

I see you’re talking to me

we’re forumers, we’ve all been assholes here once before

@StarForDays you’ve been typing for a while, is there something you are trying to tell us?

I’m trying to shorten my answer as it appears I’ve typed too much lol

damn took you 8 minutes to type only that

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You could’ve just said no thanks or made up an excuse :cold_sweat:

I’ve also never had a feeling of hate, had any intention to negatively embarrass another person, or make someone feel bad in any way, there’s just not a reason to. It may be because of my circumstances, it may just be my personality, but whatever it may be, I’m just glad I don’t have those type of feelings, even towards bullies.

The thing you just did is exactly how conflicts can escalate, and how real bullying can occur. Kids in our generation generally don’t bully anymore unless there’s a “good reason” to do so, as in bullying other people, at least in my area of living. It’s one thing to have enemies, a lot of people naturally have them in their lives, but it’s never the best option to willingly make enemies or to make these situations worse by, to be frank, being a jerk.

One of the top rules of life is to treat people how you want to be treated. If you fall into the trap, you’ll just be bad as them.


I think I’m in too deep now


And yeah, I have felt sometimes like punching a person, but never any schadenfreude or murderous-esque intent. I once punched a kid with a bit of force at school once, and I felt zero satisfaction after. I think I even felt bad about it, to be honest. I wouldn’t exactly rip up someone’s birthday invitation for almost no reason, though…

Ah yes. Trying to put out a fire in your house by pouring gasoline into it and then adding extra wood.

fire main approves

typicak fighting fire with fire doesn’t working. Being a bully to stop bullying just leads to repercussions. It doesn’t work.

it makes sense in my head

controlled burning helps keep things in check

Here’s another analogy. Pouring water out of your yard when its flooding

like getting a bucket?

Flood Water GIFs | Tenor

like this. It doesn’t help.
just searched it up

just get a bigger bucket

I’m done. Enjoy being a jerk

it’s worked so far

It won’t work forever.

and to that I say

we shall see…