Eventide, Where the North Wind Blows (Arcane April day 14)

Through Boreal winds on which you ride,
through brilliant streaks of Evening light.
Each shot a storm of frigid Tide,
to carve a path through Ocean’s sight.

A drawing of the Frostwater bow from AA (With a random OC thrown in for flair) inspired by the day 14 prompt of arcane april (Favorite weapon)! This bad boy took me 17 hours to make, lmao.


Elsa gets hair dyed and commits mass genocide with primal weapon, 2021, colourized

Besides the joke, good work! I really like the OC (And the bow as well.)


That moment when Elsa finally snaps after singing the same 3 songs over and over again for years


Elsa after she realizes she’s been talking to a snowman and decides it’s all a dream

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holy shit frozen III??? (also I’m proud of you son :frcryin: )

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tech give :IToldYou: or else

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by the power of FR Face, Skill Issues and LSS’ Eye Poppers, I summon thee tech emoteeeee

This just in, no tech emote this time :frcryin:

Katara from avatar?
Elsa from frozen?
Ginyu from genshin impact?

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Hell yeah, excellent effort as always.

Edit: 17 hours? Jesus, no wonder why each piece comes out well.

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