Eventual clan creation?

So like Im just making this post that I will potentially be making a clan when the days for Early Access for AO draws closer.

I am unsure of a name but I don’t mind taking suggestions.

The goal of the clan will be the original goal that Azure Sorcery had, which has changed as Vetex will be turning his clan into something else.

If you’re unaware of the original point to Azure Sorcery is that it was a guild for the intended purposes of when Scrolls came out (Lost Scrolls and Primordial Scrolls). It was a guild where if you found a scroll you did not want you could add it to the Guild bank and it will give you basically points and the more stuff you added the higher your role would be. The points would dictate what you could “afford” to put yourself in a queue for another scroll, while the role would determine the queue order of who would get it first/second/ and so on.

The nature of the clan I want to create would have this in mind but more expanded to include many of the other rarer stuff in the game. It would be a clan with a automatic point system + role system that a bot would manage as well as show the so called “shop” of how many scrolls we have in the bank and who’s waiting for what.

In short, this would be a clan dedicated for players all working together to give what they don’t want to the clan to earn merit towards items that they do want, and hopefully gain it faster than if they were working alone.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:



Breaking news! Forum creator uses creator perms to clan advertise! What shall we do?


I think this would be a great idea, especially for people in the community
Maybe Ruby conjuring instead :troll :

do i keep my rank i had in azure (elite) or will that be reverted

It would have 0 relation with Azure Sorcery, so Im not sure if your question is pertaining to the new clan I want to create or Azure Sorcery (Which im not sure if its still going to go by that name)

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Nice one moving it to clans instead of clan recruitment, so now we can suggest and comment on cool ideas.

It sounds interesting and like a good idea to expand it to other rare items since AO is moving to a build-related system and not just magic with some weapons/fighting styles anymore.

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i just thought it was related like
“peoples ranks from the old clan will be moved to the new clan, because its just a name change”
if it isnt just a name change then nevermind i have no ideas

No vetex is the creator of Azure Sorcery, I am not. This would be a clan I created so no roles or anything would carry over.

oh yeah i thought you were a master so thats why i was asking
i got confused you saw nothing from me

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Maybe something like the “Black Library”, seeing it’s trading/storing powerful and forbidden magics. Honestly, I don’t got any great ideas.


Shadow Merchants

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Maybe lore wise ill make the clan creator actually a bot or imaginary person who’s a very old man from hundreds of years ago that created the auction house as we know it today.

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The Merchant Guild

horrible name

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This is very barebones and take it with a grain of salt as everything can change but I wanted everyones opinions

The Merit System

The Merit System operates basically as a currency.

Every item that is apart of the Bazaar has a Baseline Merit attached to it,
This is basically the value of the item, the higher Baseline Merit the rarer it is.


Item A: 10 Merits
Item B: 20 Merits
Item C: 30 Merits

Merits will dictate rarity of the item as well as supply/demand
of the item, that is manually adjusted accordingly.

The amount of Merits you put into a item has to meet the Minimum
Merit needed to enter the queue. You can put MORE than the Minimum
amount of Merit into a Item, as long as your putting in an Amount that meets the Minimum.

Item A costs 10 Merits to enter the queue, I can’t put in 15 Merits, it would have to be
20 Merits If I wanted to be Ahead of someone who put in 10.

The longer someone is in a queue for puts them ahead of other queued people.
This would combat someone who put more than the Minimum into a Item but someone else
has been in the queue for ahwile. (Maybe internally increase the Merit that they put in by X
for each day someone is in the queue for) (basically everyone in the queue would gain X amount
of Merit). – Stil not sure on this

In the case of a value change for a item, as long as the Merit they have in the system meets
the Min of the value change then they can stay in the queue. If they don’t meet it then they would
be removed from the queue and their Merit would be returned to them (not including the merit earned by being the queue)

In the following edge case:
Someone puts in 20 Merit for Item B(20 merit).
A merit value change occured changing Item B to 15 Merit.
The player would not be removed from the queue but instead given 5 Merit back as
they dont meet 30 total Merit to be in the higher sort of the queue.

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are richies like me welcome :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Some potential guild names:

  • Sanctity of Knowledge
  • Scholars’ Haven
  • Athenaeum
  • Vault of Hermes/Hecate
  • Inquisitive Secrets

Not a whole lot and I spent way too much time on this. Feel free to combine, mold, or just pick anything off of those. Idrc about that just so long as this somewhat helps you in your goal of getting a name down. Been thinking about what to name my Dojo-inspired Guild for AO, think I got an idea for it but I gotta see if I can find/make a logo to match. Gl on your naming :nod:


k ima be real honest here but guilds in WoM were so shit and they traumatized me so much that I’m not joining any sort of guild on my main ever.

I’m only joining on my alts so I can get exclusive items, but I am never, EVER, going to seriously join a guild/clan/bozo circus