Every dead guild and why it died in a list

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this is an extremely long list of dead guilds ;-;

Doge Nation: The leader was pretty much blackmailed
that’s about it

doge nation: exploiting
Látom: youtuber got bored of wom

Black Hand: two of the six HRs left and pretty much all of the OGs of the guild left due to toxicity.

Coming from a former member.

your just scared that suncrys gona be put on this list arent you

joseons just a retard in general, he posted several n-words with R’s and a death threat to my family in my DM’s

lol so ? you called me a retard so thats the same as being abelist

mind explaining how calling someone a retard = racism?

it’s ableism to b accurate but unfortunately most people here do not have fully developed brains capable of empathy nor can they read.

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litteraly you dont have to insult me on every forum post

Hey! Stop Bullying :angry:

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Valcrest: Smaller guild with 45 members, died because the guild master lost motivation.

gotta rebirth it now as AoV

did someone uniroincly flag my post calling them retard as RACIST

calling somebody the nword (with R especially) is far faaaaar worse than calling somebody a retard because the nword has been used for hundreds of years as a derogatory and objectifying term meanwhile the word retarded is literally a real medical word that has slowly spun out of meaning. It comes from the French word Retard meaning Slow or Delayed because it was seen as their brain being, you guessed it, slow or delayed.

EDIT: And even if somebody is calling you a retard then that doesnt mean youre allowed & innocent to call them the Nword back. If anything youre going from innocent to just as guilty.

spider lanauage become smart? how

I just almost never want to put in the effort to sound/be smart but in rare cases such as this high IQ individual called Joseon I actually want to state my own opinion & facts and not look like a total clown

Idk, I didn’t flag the post so idk who did. But anyways you should stop being an abelist

and you should stop being a racist, a homophobe, a fat-shamer, and a pervert.
PS. sending death threats about my family isnt cool either
EDIT: Youre trying to call other people Ableists just to make yourself look innocent, just quit it.

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