Every forumer gets teleported into a huge white room IRL

Every (excluding banned) forumer in existence gets teleported into a huge white room in real life, what happens?

Amogus irl or worse

Subcry will attak

IRL WoM guild wars be like:

Shout Vetex and see if I get banned for pinging Vetex irl

I would probably be amazed at the teleportation tech and room, though

Also, how would we know that everyone there are forumers?

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Give them knives and it’ll be worth the watch

Count the 10000+ people

or identification via forums prob

Only person I would know for sure is Mis, but I might recognise Cam and Elment via voice and Vetex, Mako and Macobre via photos

nothing interesting


I cry amongst the deprived

you most likely wouldnt, my headset makes me sound a lot more different to what i sound irl, it doesnt really capture its pitch very well and it just makes me sound…different

I’d just gather the most info I can and lightly acquaint myself with some people then leave alone and try to find my way back home. These people are not my friends, they are internet strangers that I interact with.

how long until we get teleported out

I actually had a dream about this once except it was at a camp site instead of a white room. Basically what happened once we teleported was that we all tried figuring out who each other are. Once we did that, we would completely skip trying to survive and just make some s’mores. This is all exactly factual as to what will happen in real life


Someone’s gonna grab the nearest sharp object and try to kill everyone else.

honestly there’s a good chance i’d panic and try to escape, if i get teleported into a huge white room with a lot of people (whether it’s forumers or not, i don’t really care. I’m getting out of this damn place)

irl guild war ensues

im just gonna sneak away to some place with not much people and watch chaos ensues

or just, sneak away to some place with not much people

i dont like interacting with people

watching them is fun, tho

I start explaining to everybody that Mind Magic existe, they get annoyed and kill me