Everyones thoughts on the current AO stat system?

I personally prefer Arcane Adventures’ stat system because I find it more fun then the basic stat system.

What I mean by ‘basic stat system’ is the usual formula of:

Level up, punch numbers into a stat, get stronger, repeat.

IMO what made AA so captivating was the fact that you didn’t have to level up just to put numbers into a certain stat to get stronger - you got stronger by using whatever you wanted to train over and over.

Obviously, there are problems with both of these methods of leveling:

The basic stat system kind of ruins the feel of a “open world”, since you’ll always be going to whatever island/area/mob you can kill with your stats, and repeating until you get strong enough to move to the next island/area/mob. It’s not very fun and doesn’t invite much in the way of exploration and adventure.

AA’s stat system issues come from the fact that while its more interesting then the basic stat system, it can easily just become clicking the same button over and over to fully max your stats.

What I’m getting at here is that while both of these methods of progression have their own issues, I prefer AA’s method of progression because the basic stat system is boring and without any way to constantly reallocate stat points without it being paid or just a ton of ingame money is likely not going to happen.

To further my point, I think having the basic stat system would be harder to balance:

Say you have a basic sword. With a basic sword, there would obviously be a damage cap so players wouldn’t go around one shotting people by placing all their stats into the “sword stat” every level.

It makes sense, but what makes this bad is that 99% of the time, the developer does not specify what this “damage cap” is, leaving players to reset stats with whatever method is allowed, and meticulously placing every stat one by one, then testing the damage of said weapon so as to not have any wasted stat points.

The basic stat system has another issue:
With every update, the level cap is going to get higher, and the amount of stats a players disposal will keep getting bigger. This can make the game near-unapproachable for new or even returning players, because in addition to more stat points, there will be new weapons, balance changes, islands, mobs, etc. An example of this would be the game Vesteria.

This is where the AA stat system would be useful, because it lets the player have less focus needed on where to put stat points so their build wont be rendered useless, or if they miss out on damage potential because of a missed stat allocation.

The AA stat system’s issues stems from the hours of spamming needed to fully max out your stats, which would lead into boring streches of gameplay where you would just spam click Q to try and get your stats up.

In my opinion, this could be fixed by having side quests give you a flat out bonus multiplier for training magic/strength, which would give players more of an incentive to do side quests, and more opportunities for side quests to give lore, since the player would be more likely to do side quests.

Obviously it’s going to be a hassle remaking the way a player progresses, so I don’t expect vetex to change it. The main reason I made this post is to detail the issues I (and possibly other people) have with basic stat systems, and to detail what I think are the worst things that developers who use this method of progression tend to do.

To summarize, I just want vetex to do the following:

  • Never leave the max damage cap hidden from players, because that will lead into trying to make sure the max damage cap is a certain amount of stats so as to not waste any points.

  • Make sure to have stat reallocations not follow the basic “Robux or tons of ingame money/make a new save file” method, and have simpler ways to reallocate stat points (or just make it free)

These are the main problems I have with what I see in the stat system, so I’m curious if anyone else has similar thoughts/ideas.




also this is my first time making a post using this platform so idk why there is a massive wall of bold text in the middle of it

there is no sense on doing this, if you want to be a tank and be the strongest one thats your problem, normal players wont cae about this only players like you would.

i am pretty sure there will be an item that will reset your stats

the stat system is made bcause variety so thereare diferent routes like swordsman magician and stuff, the game is a magic rpg is not supposed to be only based out of magic

The way to reset ur stats is to reset ur file

too lazy to change all my items from file to file and i won’t be deleting my items

i mean thats the point of side quests, being on the side don’t actually like be important, people will not get bored of the storyline because its the main focus and has alot of development

stop correcting him let him have a chance

You do make some points, but I like AO’s system more because you won’t be sitting there for hours just clicking a couple button to make one stat really good. Instead, everybody at the same character level will always be equal, or can be equal anyways. This way, when you fight somebody of an equal level (at the level cap) you will both have the chance to be just as powerful as each other. One person isn’t gonna do a shit ton more damage just because they spammed Q to boost their magic level or something for 10 hours.

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i am just arguing

but thats the point of the game, its supposed to be (when its finished) a long game with a storyline where players just keep getting stronger until its finally capped (level 1000) when the game is finished this will not be a problem, and even know when they add a new update its not like they add every time x20 times the content

Saying that “only players like you” would care about stats doesn’t make it any less of an issue :neutral_face:

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Pretty sure there’s gonna be a power slider option so you can nerf your power if you want, and vetex will probably raise the pvp shield a little bit every time the level cap is raised

literally not everyone wants to be the tankiest they would possibly be, it doesn0t remove the issue because there is no issue?

because we all know that in wom no one cares about having the best possible build with the best possible enchants :neutral_face:


I never said anything about tanky? My issue is that there is a hidden cap for many items in games with a stat system, and hiding them makes it so that players will have to reset stats and test for the cap themselves.

Not talking about PvP, I was just listing issues for both stat systems and then had the main points on the bottom.

Having a power slider is nice though

well idk how its told but noteveryone wants to be the strongest, if people wanna be its their problem the game its not intended to be he strongest one thats why they balanced almst everything so its the fairest it could be