Evolving magic

i hope in like the 3rd or 4th sea in the game we can get the option to evolve our magic to a lost magic and this magic would be based on what magic you chose. For example fire magic might evolve into flare magic, or light might evolve into Aether magic.

lost and ancient magic scrolls are replacing mutations, you’ll be able to find them like you find rare spell scrolls to learn new magics

thats boring tho wouldnt you like a whole difrent magic type instead of praying to rnjesus for a scroll that might take hours of hours of grinding to get

no, cause then i’d have to play through the whole game with a magic i don’t like to get the one i do like, and you’ll be able to trade the scrolls with other players to get the one you want

i’ve heard that we’ll get a lost magic for free at a certain point in the story, don’t quote me on this tho

i wont i hope ur right tho

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thanks :smiley:

bro we can already pick mutations


the starter magics most of them ARE already mutations

what u talkin about blud this convo is about lost magic evolutions

I know that the same would apply for Strength builds with Lost Fighting Styles if this is true, but this brings up a couple of questions.

  1. Will hybrids get this at all, since they’ll gain Lost stuff way later? If they do, will they get a choice or will it be based on their higher stat?

  2. What Lost (Spirit) Weapons will Warriors or Wardens get? Hell, will Wardens even have anything other than normal, no-nonsense SWs?

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i am just proposing that starter magic (lighting, fire, water, earth, wind etc) could evolve into their lost magic counterparts somewhere in the story now idk how vtex would do this if he went this route but its just a suggestion… and by mutations do you mean the diffrent types of colors for magics if not explain

this wouldn’t make much sense honestly, some magics have no clear evolution to them or wouldn’t make sense to have an evolution (like plasma)

but it’s vtex’s story he can simply invent a lost magic counterpart

this would also make no sense lorewise, as some base magics were once mutations.

bro that is what is in the game, for example lightning mutated into explosion

what is bro talking about :sob:

explosion mb my brain switched