Excuse me. What about bloxburg again 🥶


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What does purchasing it entail? Does it mean they bought ownership of the game and all future profit (GP purchases, devex etc) will go to them instead of the original owners and they’ll be the ones developing updates and future content for the game? Or did they like buy the rights to turn it into a game off of the roblox platform?

Seems games are reaaaallllyyy getting this big. Roblox games, to be exact. and that surprises me.

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This is extremely crazy, this is almost literally Roblox history when outside gaming companies have bought a game within Roblox. $100 Million is a whole lot of money!

Me who bought it for 25 bobux in 2017.

It’s an interesting change to the roblox landscape. I dislike how roblox is becoming less independent from other companies, but I enjoy the quality of games that can be produced from larger-scale productions

what kind of games have you been playing, like, genuinely? every game ive seen made by a company has been pretty quickly thrown together by clearly inexperienced devs

the only slightly passable one was sonic speed simulator which while being a low effort cash grab is at least less buggy than actual sonic games (lol)

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I mean neon Knights is really fucking good not to mention it’s in the roblox game fund, you should try that though it’s also 273 bobux to play (watch some videos first)

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$100 million is a shit ton of money for a roblox game

me who bought it for 25 cents

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I wonder how much “adopt me” cost

Deepwoken will get bought and truly become shit ( rwgoozer right now is a better owner than actual game company owners)

what the FUCK

fr since when the hell did this happen

Wasn’t expecting something like that to happen

they already declined a buy offer

they’re not, embracer caught on that bloxburg earns a lot of money is all…not many give an unironic shit about Roblox.

Thank Allah for this

I believe there has been an update to where Bloxburg was actually bought for $129 Million!!!